how are guitar pickups made

How Are Guitar Pickups Made & How To Make Them

A pickup is integral to an electric guitar, and also an acoustic guitar to an extent. It comes embedded in the body of a guitar and helps convert string pulsations into electricity. Electric guitar pickups comprise six magnetic bars and a black bobbin, with an enameled wire encapsulating the magnets. The multiple bars help pick […]

how guitar pickups work

How Guitar Pickups Work – Yes, It’s Physics, But It’s Cool!

Electric guitars generate sound by the virtue of strings vibrations which are converted to electric signals by pickups. That is how they differ from acoustic guitars that depend on acoustic radiations. Guitar pickups were invented by George Beauchamp in the early 30s. There are a few concepts that explain how guitar pickups work. The Concept […]

which telecaster models have humbuckers

Which Telecaster Models Have Humbuckers?

The Fender Telecaster enjoys an iconic status in the music world. It is, after all, the first best-selling solid-body electric guitar. The innovative design produced impressive sound and introduced new possibilities. One of the best features of these Teles was the inclusion of humbucking pickups. These are designed to reduce the noise while amplifying the […]

why do guitars have mulitple pickups

Why Do Guitars Have Multiple Pickups?

When pickups were originally employed in guitars, the greater objective was to make the guitar sound louder than before. Multiple decades later, modern (electric) guitars not just sound different from their ancestors (acoustic guitars) but the sound they create also paves way for a completely new form of the best electric guitar music. Electric guitars […]