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Standard Guitar Pick Thickness Guide

What is the best thickness for a guitar pick? How thick should a guitar pick be? What is the recommended thickness for a guitar pick? In order to answer these questions, we have compiled a standard guitar pick thickness guide that includes the best thicknesses based on desired sound, playing style and genre. How Thick […]

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Thin Guitar Picks Vs Thick – Which Is Better?

Every guitar player has their own personal preference when it comes to the thickness of their guitar picks. That’s because different people have different fingers and different playing styles. Some people prefer thin picks, while others like thicker ones. But what if there were two types of picks that you could try out? Which one […]

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Choosing The Right Guitar Pick Thickness For Metal

There is a time and place for aggressive practice. But, if you need to choose the right guitar pick thickness for metal, it’s best to stick with a thicker pick. What Is The Best Guitar Pick Thickness For Metal? Typically, when playing metal, players go for a heavier gauge of string that will produce stronger […]

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5 Best Thick Guitar Picks Options Make Great Tone

Using a thick guitar pick can be a great choice for some styles of music. But there are many different options to choose from. What are the best? Quick Links To Our Best Thick Guitar Picks Recommendations Jim Dunlop Flow Gloss 3.0mm Dunlop 475R3.0 Big Stubby® TimbreGear Exotica Genuine Handcrafted Wooden Guitar Picks Dunlop Tortex […]