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Why Lubricate A Guitar Nut? (And Easiest Way To Do It)

All guitar owners know that it’s important to regularly lubricate their guitar nut. There’s a lot of science and science-y stuff on the internet about why this is, but we’re going to break it down for you in layman terms. Why lubricate guitar nut? The main reason why you need to lubricate a guitar nut […]

replace guitar nut

How Long Does A Guitar Nut Last? (Time For Replacement?)

Are you looking into whether or not you need to replace your guitar nut?  Not sure if it is time yet? How long does a guitar nut last? A guitar nut should last for many years – sometimes for the entire lifespan of the guitar.  In some cases, a guitar nut will last for at […]

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REVEALED: What Are Guitar Nuts Made Of?

Ever wonder what is a guitar nut made of? Perhaps you’ve even wondered why this long-shaped piece at the top of the fretboard is called a nut at all, as this name is not very descriptive of its function. Be that as it may, this small and unassuming piece of your guitar’s anatomy has a […]