how many frets on a guitar

How Many Frets On A Guitar?

This is actually a more complicated question than you think because of the number of different guitar configurations that are out there. Let’s look at electric guitars first and then acoustic guitars. Electric Guitar Number Of Frets Typically most electric guitars have either 22 or 24 frets. However, guitar designs vary and there are 12 […]

guitar fret wrap

Guitar Fret Wrap Overview

Guitar fret wraps are easy, intuitive, and cool ways to clean up a guitar and bass playing through muting the strings. These are utilized by skilled or professional musicians from all over the world. Before, musicians warp hair scrunchie or tie a sock around the fretboard and nut in order to obtain a similar effect. […]

scalloped fretboard

Scalloped Fretboard – Its Advantages & Disadvantages

As scalloped fretboards are very uncommon and have a unique look, it draws a lot of curiosity from the guitarists. Many people who aren’t even aspiring to play the guitar are often intrigued by its unique look. The main reason for such curiosity and intrigue is that this is not a common fretboard that you […]

fretboard wood

The Main Popular Fretboard Wood Options On A Guitar

The fretboard of the guitars holds the frets. Choosing the right kind of wood for fretboard is important because it decides many things for a guitarist. However, one of the most common mistakes newbies make is that they do not choose the right kind of wood for their fretboards and seating your guitar frets. Many […]