capo guitar tuning

REVEALED: Can You Tune A Guitar With A Capo On?

Did you get yourself a guitar capo but not really sure what is the right way to tune your guitar – with or without the capo? Can you tune a guitar with a capo on? Yes, technically you can tune a guitar with a capo on. However, it’s not recommended as the only way to […]

what does guitar capo do

EXPLAINED: What Does A Guitar Capo Do?

A capo is a device that clamps onto the fretboard of a fretted instrument. It alters the pitch of the strings beyond their natural harmonic range. Some types of capos press down on individual strings, while others are slides that cover a whole fretboard. Guitar Capo Function And Use The main reason why people use […]

shubb capo vs g7th

COMPARED: Shubb Capo vs G7th

Are you trying to decide between two different capos? The Shubb Capo vs G7th. The main difference between the Shubb Capo and the G7th capo is the design of the clamp.  The Shubb is tightened to the guitar neck with a bolt design while the G7th capo uses a spring design. About The Shubb Capo […]