how to adjust saddle height guitar

EXPLAINED: How To Adjust Saddle Height Guitar

If you are interested in learning how to adjust saddle height on a guitar’s bridge to improve the action, I would recommend starting by watching one of these videos: Adjusting Electric Guitar Saddles For electric guitars: Adjusting & Lowering Acoustic Guitar Saddles Do you have an acoustic guitar, acoustic electric or classical guitar?  Look here: […]

electric guitar bridge types

REVEALED: Most Popular Electric Guitar Bridge Types

The bridge of an electric guitar is one of the most crucial parts. It supports the string, which is the main part of the guitar, that produces the tone. Every guitarist has his own choice when it comes to bridge design. There are many common types of electric guitar bridges available, but if we think […]

can you replace the bridge on an acoustic guitar

Can You Replace The Bridge On An Acoustic Guitar?

There are a number of functions that are served by the bridge of the acoustic guitar. Not only does it set the placement for the strings by holding the strings in the body, but it also plays a pivotal role in good action, tone and intonation. As such, it is essential to have an understanding […]

why is my guitar bridge buzzing

URGH! Why Do My Guitar Strings Buzz At The Bridge?

Often, guitarists find themselves asking ‘why is my guitar bridge have a buzz at the saddle?’ A “rattle saddle” so to speak!  It is quite disturbing when the sound seems out of whack with strings rattling against the frets causing fret buzzes. A well-functioning guitar should produce perfectly tuned guitar chords. Luckily, it is not […]