guitar whammy bar

Can You Install A Whammy Bar On Any Guitar?

Do you have a guitar that you are considering adding a tremolo or whammy bar to?  Wondering if your guitar will work with a whammy bar? Can you add a whammy bar to any guitar? Yes, most electric guitars are compatible with a whammy bar.  But there are some things that you may need to […]

guitar whammy bar

EXPLAINED: Can You Take A Whammy Bar Off A Guitar?

Does you guitar have a tremolo arm or whammy bar that you don’t use a lot or at all? Maybe you just want to remove it. Can you take a whammy bar off a guitar? Yes.  It’s easy to remove a whammy bar.  Depending on the type of tremolo bridge you have on your guitar. […]

how to adjust saddle height guitar

EXPLAINED: How To Adjust Saddle Height Guitar

If you are interested in learning how to adjust saddle height on a guitar’s bridge to improve the action, I would recommend starting by watching one of these videos: Adjusting Electric Guitar Saddles For electric guitars: Adjusting & Lowering Acoustic Guitar Saddles Do you have an acoustic guitar, acoustic electric or classical guitar?  Look here: […]

why is my guitar bridge buzzing

URGH! Why Do My Guitar Strings Buzz At The Bridge?

Often, guitarists find themselves asking ‘why is my guitar bridge have a buzz at the saddle?’ A “rattle saddle” so to speak!  It is quite disturbing when the sound seems out of whack with strings rattling against the frets causing fret buzzes. A well-functioning guitar should produce perfectly tuned guitar chords. Luckily, it is not […]