sam ash vs guitar center

COMPARING: Sam Ash Vs Guitar Center

For those who are looking for musical instruments and equipment like guitar, the choices usually go between purchasing from Sam Ash or Guitar Center. These two offers a lot of quality brand and products (instruments and equipment) which you can choose from Both Sam Ash and Guitar Center offers an online retail shop and also […]

are dean guitars good

REVEALED: Are Dean Guitars Good? We Think So!

Musical instruments have a trademark of their own. Whether it is the manufacturing or the love behind its architectural beauty, each and every instrument has its own specific history that is unique and special. A guitar is a stringed instrument that is famous among band performers and enthusiasts. One of the most iconic and successful […]

are fender distortion pedals good

BUYING?: Are Fender Distortion Pedals Good?

If you love playing guitar, then invigorating your sound with incredible distortion could be one of the things that you are looking for right now. So what are the best distortions for you? Yes, Fender distortion pedals are good! But there’s more to this because it depends on what you plan on doing with it. […]