can you put nylon strings on a steel string guitar

Can You Put Nylon Strings On A Steel String Guitar?

Whether you are a professional or aspiring guitar player, you know the differences of the sounds if using different string on any type of guitar. This said, placing strings on different guitars would be found a bit tricky, and you would immediately identify even the slightest of difference between the two. Restringing or replacing the […]

can i play guitar with small hands

8 Ways Playing Guitar With Small Hands Is Made Easier!

Is your anatomy preventing you from playing the guitar? While it’s true that longer hands offer an advantage, length is not the only thing that affects guitar mastery. Skills can be developed no matter the body type as long as you are determined to learn. On the flipside, the longest hands won’t help if you […]

how to pack a guitar for shipping without a case

How To Pack A Guitar For Shipping Without A Case

Some guitars are built tough but don’t be misled – they are fragile instruments. Like all things precious, they must be handled with care. Guitars are typically built using wood and some hardware. Any of these components could break, shatter, warp, or get knocked off if mishandled. This is a nightmare for people who wish […]

what size guitar for a 6 - 10 year old

What Size Guitar For A 6 – 10 Year Old Kids?

Young kids have smaller hands and so are unable to reach the neck of a full-size guitar. They cannot even wrap fingers around in order to play. As such, guitar manufacturers create different guitar sizes to prevent the frustration that parents may go thorough finding a perfect guitar for their little ones. Kids guitars are […]

can a guitar fit in an overhead bin

Can A Guitar Fit In An Overhead Bin? Air Travel With Guitars

Musicians have special needs when they travel. Getting to their destination is only half the battle. The other challenge is how to bring their gear along with them, including their guitars. Unfortunately, the experience is not always smooth or pleasant. Many have shared their horror stories about being rejected at the baggage inspection or seeing […]