best fuzz pedal

10 Best Fuzz Pedal Choices For Guitar Ever Made In 2021

Fuzz is as valued these days as it was decades ago when Keith Richards introduced the Fuzz-Tone. Fuzz was among the first effects to be made in pedal form and even today there are brands frequently releasing fuzz units. From impressive, speaker-ripping gadgets to iconic pedal clones, fuzz faithful are having the time of their […]

best fuzz pedal for hendrix tone

5 Best Fuzz Pedal For Hendrix Tone Picks To Sound Like Jimi!

Choosing a fuzz pedal to get Hendrix tone is possible. The fuzz is one of the oldest and simplest guitar effects to use. However, it is not easy to choose or use one. Sure there are a lot of options from vintage reissues to modern pedals, but to get the Hendrix tone is a different […]

best fuzz pedal for humbuckers

Best Fuzz Pedal For Humbuckers

Humbuckers, also known as double coils, are guitar pickups that are designed to reduce the hum of electronic interference. Most guitar pickups use magnets, and humbucker guitars reduce the noise by using a special configuration to “buck” the noise. Fuzz pedals work with humbuckers to replace the electronic noise with signature sound signatures, such as […]

best fuzz pedal for stoner rock

Best Fuzz Pedal For Stoner Rock & Doom Guitar Rigs

A lot of individuals view fuzz as the grandfather of grit. It is among the oldest and most appealing guitar effects and possibly the simplest. However, they are not easy to choose as there are a number of available options. These range from stylish boutique boxes with plenty of tones and knobs to simple, vintage […]