how to use electric guitar knobs

How To Use Electric Guitar Knobs

You may have suddenly grown an affinity for learning how to play the electric guitar or you may have been a pro at playing guitars, but you may still be struggling with how to use electric guitar knobs. This isn’t something embarrassing because a majority of electric guitar players do not know how they’re supposed […]

electric guitar bridge types

Most Popular Electric Guitar Bridge Types

The bridge of an electric guitar is one of the most crucial parts. It supports the string, which is the main part of the guitar, that produces the tone. Every guitarist has his own choice when it comes to bridges. There are many types of electric guitar bridges available, but if we think broadly, then […]

best electric guitar under 500

10 Best Electric Guitars Under 500 – Top Options For 2021

Musicians love electric guitars. They sport a solid body, volume controls, steel strings, and other exciting features. They can also cost a pretty penny if you look in the wrong place. Fortunately, not all electric guitars burn a hole in your pocket. Since it might be confusing for you to find a quality electric guitar […]

best electric guitar under 300

10 Best Electric Guitar Under 300 – Top Picks For 2021

The task of selecting the best electric guitar under 300 dollars, which plays remarkably and make you play like a rock star is definitely not easy. Not every electric guitar that costs $300 or less is made from solid tonewoods and have impressive pickups and electronics. In addition, some less costly electric guitars typically cheap […]

guitars that are easy on the fingers

Is Playing An Electric Guitar Easier On The Fingers?

Well, there is no perfect answer to any question, but from the information that is currently available, and what guitar teachers have to say, the answer would have to be yes! Most teachers recommend that students begin with an electric guitar because of the fact that it is guitar easier on the fingers. * Read […]