epiphone vs gibson les paul

COMPARED: Epiphone Vs Gibson Les Paul – Which Should You Choose?

Gibson Guitars is one of the leading guitar and other music instruments manufacturers in the world. This manufacturer has survived the test of time and its guitars still remains a favorite among many players. The main difference between the Epiphone Les Paul and The Gibson Les Paul is the materials and build process. But to […]

best super strat

STRATS ON STEROIDS! 10 Best Super Strat Guitars In 2022

I love Superstrat-style guitars! These are my favorites! Quick Links To Our Best Super Strat Style Guitars Recommendations Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 – MY TOP CHOICE! This famous guitar has an excellent guitar tone, plays super easy, the neck feels great, and not a bad price! Our choice for best Super Strat. Ibanez AZ224F Premium – The runner up instruments! Ibanez […]

best electric guitar for small hands

9 Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands Choices For 2022

Need an electric guitar that fits you perfectly?  These guitars will make your job easier even if you have small hands. My top choices for best electric guitar for small hands and fingers: Quick Links To The Top Electric Guitars For Small Hands Recommendations Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar – OUR TOP CHOICE!  […]

do you need an amp for an electric guitar

SOLVED: Do You Need An Amp For An Electric Guitar?

Each electric guitarist needs a good guitar amplifier. The blending of guitar and amp has commanded well known music for almost 50 years and has made probably the greatest star artists ever. Over the long haul, there has been essentially no such trade for the various apparent alternatives and exact command over your guitar’s sound […]

are epiphone guitars good

REVEALED: Are Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Good?

If you are a beginner, at that point you’re likely coming into this definitely realizing a couple of guitar brands. What’s more, the Epiphone brand is one that the vast majority have known about, even individuals who don’t play an instrument. However, on the grounds that a brand is notable doesn’t imply that it’s a […]

how to use electric guitar knobs

EXPLAINED: How To Use Electric Guitar Knobs

You may have suddenly grown an affinity for learning how to play the electric guitar or you may have been a pro at playing guitars, but you may still be struggling with how to use electric guitar knobs. This isn’t something embarrassing because a majority of electric guitar players do not know how they’re supposed […]

can electric guitars get wet

REVEALED: Can Electric Guitars Get Wet?

Learning to play the guitar could be quite intimidating. If you’re just starting out, it’s normal to have multiple questions and doubts about playing the guitar and the instrument in general. One of the common questions most beginners have about the guitar relates to the prospect of playing it in wet conditions. So, can electric […]

first electric guitar

LOOK: The First Electric Guitar – Where Was It Made?

The top electric guitars have been said to be the most popular and important instrument for over 50 years in American music. The introduction of the electric guitar brought about a major change to the technologies available to American music and has shaped the direction and sound of the modern music that we have all […]

best jazz guitar

8 Best Jazz Guitar Choices (Archtop Sound & Tone)

Want to sound like one of the best classic jazz guitar greats? Wes Montgomery or John Scofield perhaps? Quick Links To My Best Jazz Guitar Recommendations Epiphone ES-335 – MY TOP CHOICE! Jazz guitarists looking for a choice with great playability, tone, sound and style for a good price. Godin LGXT Guitar – My number […]