best distortion pedal

Best Distortion Pedal 2020 – Top 10 Available Of All Time!

A distorted and overdriven guitar can unleash thunder in a manner that renders other instruments obsolete. To harness this sound, you must add a distortion pedal to your setup. Distortion pedals could be used in different ways. Several guitarists run their pedals at the start of the chain. However, it’s not rare for others to […]

best wah pedal

Chicka-Wah-Wah! 10 Best Wah Pedal Options For 2020!

Any electric guitarist who desires to express themselves to their best ability must have the iconic wah pedals. The best wah pedal creates that unique tone you hear from the recordings of your favorite guitar players. A good example is the Voodo Child intro by Jimi Hendrix. To one guitarist, the best wah pedal may […]

best chorus pedal for worship guitar

Best Chorus Pedal For Worship Guitar

Choosing a chorus pedal for worship guitar does not have to be hard. However, you will need a good guitar, amplifier, and of course, pedalboard for your church or praise band. Chorus pedals are designed to amplify guitar signals, so it sounds like multiple guitars playing simultaneously. The chorus pedal(s) split signals into multiple voices, […]

best delay pedal for lead guitar

Best Delay Pedal For Lead Guitar

Guitar pedals inject your playing style with power, personality and texture. Delay pedals are one of the most popular supporting devices for electric lead guitars. You should regard them as mystical items that embellish your guitar sound. These pedals make your playing seem more impressive, by turning straightforward melodies into sophisticated compositions. All in all, […]