best overdrive pedals

14 Best Overdrive Pedals Of All Time – Top Picks For 2020

It’s not just a sound — it’s an attitude. We’re talking about the mighty, earth-shattering (and perhaps eardrum-bursting) overdrive. Or maybe not? It’s easy to confuse overdrive for something else, given the name. But the good old OD remains as elegant as ever; gritty in a very subtle way, and charming enough to find application […]

best looper pedal

10 Best Looper Pedal For The Money Top Options For 2020

Whether you are looking to buy a looper pedal to turbocharge your music band by layering acoustic guitar and electric guitar parts live or you are finally getting started with your humble ambient prog project, a loop pedal for your pedalboard would open up pretty diverse creative choices. Some artists use looper pedals for triggering […]

best chorus pedal

10 Best Chorus Pedals Of All Time – Top Options For 2020

Adding the best chorus pedal for the money to your list of effects is an excellent way to give your electric guitar tone a little thickness, warm up the tone a bit and bring just a bit more life to whatever guitar piece you are playing. A chorus paired up with a good delay and you […]

best fuzz pedal

10 Best Fuzz Pedal 2020 – Top Mind Melting Fuzz Picks!

Fuzz is as valued these days as it was decades ago when Keith Richards introduced the Fuzz-Tone. Fuzz was among the first effects to be made in pedal form and even today there are brands frequently releasing fuzz units. From impressive, speaker-ripping gadgets to iconic pedal clones, fuzz faithful are having the time of their […]

distortion pedal vs amp distortion

Distortion Pedal vs Amp Distortion For Great Guitar Tone

Distortion, in musical terms, is used in reference to the general effect of modifying an audio signal to get a rougher sound, with better harmonic saturation, added sustain than a clean signal and more audible overtones. Distortion is created by an overdriven tube amp. Typically, distortion pedals are hard-clipping devices and they produce enharmonic overtones. […]