boss rc1 vs rc3

Boss RC1 Vs RC3 – Two Awesome Loopers Compared

Loopers are a vital accessory in a musical performance and live recording as well. This device is linked with guitarists, and it can also be utilized by any musicians, artists, and performers. Since the release of the very first looping station back in 2001 by Boss, this gadget has come and gone in all sizes […]

best mini reverb pedal

5 Best Mini Reverb Pedal – Top Options For 2020

With the abundance of enormous guitar effects and effect companies that exist nowadays, a pedal space is necessary. Fortunately, technological refinements have promoted circuits to become more portable; this spurred a revolution in the best mini reverb pedal market for guitarists. A reverb pedal is all about building drama and giving a feeling of ambience […]

blues driver vs tube screamer

Blues Driver vs Tube Screamer Guitar Pedals

The Blues Driver and Tube Screamer are known to be two of the very famous and welcomed overdrive pedals perpetually. Both of them are exactly same in what they carry out. They will be mimicking the tube amp distorted sound, providing a lot of sustain and highly aggressive sound which is responsive to an individual’s […]

best reverb pedal under 100

10 Best Reverb Pedal Under 100 Options For 2020

Choosing the right reverb pedal, which helps amplify the effects and sound of your guitar, is essential. However, if you are on a very tight budget, then there are chances that you do not own a reverb pedal. Without a reverb pedal, you will not be able to enjoy beautiful effects that are derived from […]

best reverb pedal for acoustic guitar

Best Reverb Pedal For Acoustic Guitar – Top Picks For 2020

Acoustic guitars are one of a kind instruments. As a guitarist, you know how important it is to select the right equipment for it. If you want to create the perfect sound effects, a reverb pedal is a way to go ahead. These pedals help to emulate the sound to create the perfect atmosphere for […]