best distortion pedal for solid state amp

Best Distortion Pedal For Solid State Amp – Top 5 For 2021!

So you’re looking for the best distortion pedal for solid state amp! Perhaps, you’ve attained grace in playing guitar and want to advance ahead. Maybe, you want to create unique sounds with your instruments. Quick Links To Our Top Distortion Pedals For Solid State Amps Recommendations Maxon 9-Series Sonic Distortion BOSS BD-2W Blues Driver Electro-Harmonix […]

are distortion pedals necessary

Are Distortion Pedals Necessary?

Before answer the question of whether or not distortion pedals necessary, it is essential to get an understanding of what distortion is. Distortions are achieved by a massive increase in the gain of different amplified instruments. In the old days, people used many ways to achieve this effect. Some of the ways that were used […]

should i get a distortion or overdrive pedal

Should I Get An Overdrive Or Distortion Pedal?

Guitarists can experiment with different styles to find ones that suit their preferences. They can try various techniques and use countless tools to achieve their desired sound. For example, pedals can be used to produce interesting effects for a guitar player while they play.  They can also choose to incorporate different pedals and effects like […]

diffferent types of distortion pedals

Different Types Of Distortion Pedals

It’s considered the most significant step in the guitar world: The birth of guitar effects. Offering an easy way to tweak various aspects of one’s sound, effects pedals opened up a whole new range of types of possibilities for guitarists. Anyone could now develop unique tones never heard before, with some further using pedal effects […]

are fender distortion pedals good

Are Fender Distortion Pedals Good?

If you love playing guitar, then invigorating your sound with incredible distortion could be one of the things that you are looking for right now. So what are the best distortions for you? Yes, Fender distortion pedals are good! But there’s more to this because it depends on what you plan on doing with it. […]

how to use a distortion pedal

How To Use A Distortion Pedal – Placement, Settings, Etc

Who doesn’t love a little distortion – I know I do! Over the years, I have used a ton of distortion pedals, all different but basically doing the same thing.  Make sure you do too! What Does A Distortion Pedal Do? Maybe a better way to ask this question is – how does a distortion […]