boss dd3 vs dd7

Boss DD3 Vs DD7 – Which is the Best?

Delay plays a vital role in each guitarist’s gig. They can’t live without delay. A delay, chorus, as well as a variation of distortion, is an easy set-up to creating remarkable music. Over the years, Boss Corporation has completely comprehended the significance of delay. At this point, among the digital delay pedals Boss has offered, […]

analog vs digital delay

Differences Between Analog Vs Digital Delay Guitar Pedals

If you are a music lover and fond of playing guitar, you would know about delay pedals. It is actually a machine that plays back music that is fed into it. We use delay pedals to make a sound more compelling, add depth to the tunes, and make the solo sound more impactful. There are […]

best delay pedals under 200

10 Best Delay Pedals Under $200 Top Options For 2021

Every musician knows that delay makes for one of the most important effects on the pedalboard. Besides, these days ‘delay’ could mean a lot of things. For instance- a soft slapback or some strong ambient score for your guitar. In this guide, we have tried to cover the best delay pedal under 200. From echoes […]

best delay pedal

15 Best Delay Pedal For The Money – Top Picks For 2021

The inventions experienced in the music industry have brought immense advancements over the years. The innovations have revitalized the sector such that new effects to the music emerge with each coming day. The creativity of artists is fully felt when a set of quality instruments come in to supplement their vocals. Since ancient times, the […]

best delay pedal for lead guitar

Best Delay Pedal For Lead Guitar

Guitar pedals inject your playing style with power, personality and texture. Delay pedals are one of the most popular supporting devices for electric lead guitars. You should regard them as mystical items that embellish your guitar sound. These pedals make your playing seem more impressive, by turning straightforward melodies into sophisticated compositions. All in all, […]