What Is A Compressor Pedal For Guitar

EXPLAINED: What Is A Compressor Pedal For Guitar?

Want to learn more about compression pedals?  You are on the right page! What Is A Guitar Compressor Pedal? A guitar compressor pedal is used to increase the sustain of a note, and also reduce the dynamic range. It is responsible for making the sound from your electric or acoustic guitar louder and more present. […]

When To Use A Compressor Pedal

REVEALED: When To Use A Compressor Pedal

Got a best rated compressor effects pedal for your guitar but unsure on when you should stomp on it?  Let’s see if we can answer this question here. But to answer when to use a compressor pedal, my thought is that it is an “always on” pedal.  I just set it up, turn it on […]

Where To Put Compressor Pedal In Chain

EXPLAINED: Where To Put Compressor Pedal In Chain

Whether you like it or not, the location of the compressor pedal in your signal chain should be considered.  Any gain-type effects, such as compressors and overdrives, should be placed before delays or flangers as a general rule.  Another well-established rule is to use the compressor before any overdrive, distortion, or fuzz pedal.  This is […]

what does a compressor pedal do

EXPLAINED: What Does A Compressor Pedal Do For A Guitar?

Think you need a compressor effects pedal but not exactly sure what it is and how you should be using it?  Look here! How Does A Compressor Pedal Work? The dynamic range of music refers to the range of frequencies that an instrument can produce.  Some instruments have a greater range of sound than others. […]