what does a compressor pedal do

What Does A Compressor Pedal Do? How To Use It, Where To Put It!

Think you need a compressor effects pedal but not exactly sure what it is and how you should be using it?  Look here! What Is A Guitar Compressor Pedal? A guitar compressor pedal is used to increase the sustain of a note, and also reduce the dynamic range. It is responsible for making the sound […]

best compressor pedal for country guitar

5 Best Compressor Pedal For Country Guitar – Get Super Twangy!

If you’re a country guitar player, then you must be looking for the best compressor pedal for country guitar that will give your sound more character and sustain. Compressor pedals are important in any guitarist’s rig because they control dynamics of your playing style and help to bring out certain notes. But finding the right […]

best compressor pedal under 50

5 Best Compressor Pedal Under 50 Picks For Great Tone!

If you’re looking for the best compressor pedal under 50, then your search has come to an end. Compressor pedals are a must-have tool in any guitarist’s arsenal. They give you control over volume and sustain by reducing dynamic range. Most guitarists use them to keep their playing sounding consistent regardless of how hard they […]

best compressor pedal under 100

7 Best Compressor Pedal Under 100 Options For 2021

Finding the best compressor pedal under 100 can be hard. The market is flooded with hundreds of different options, making it difficult to find the right one for your needs. Our team of experts have done all the research and testing so you don’t have to. We recommend finding a great value compressor effect pedal […]

best small compressor pedal

8 Best Small Compressor Pedal – Mini Options, Huge Tone

Smaller is better, but when it comes to compressors the size of a pedal board can be a real problem. Compressors are great for shaping your tone and bringing out the best in your guitar playing, but they’re not always easy to use. You need something simple that you can just plug into your rig […]

best compressor pedal for acoustic guitar

5 Best Compressor Pedal For Acoustic Guitar Top Choices

Compressor pedals are a great way to get more sustain out of your acoustic guitar, but they can be hard to choose. There are so many options and features on the market today that it’s hard to know what you need in a best compressor pedal for acoustic guitar. We did all the research for […]

best compressor pedal

12 Best Compressor Pedal Of All Time In 2021

There are important facts to know before choosing the best compressor pedal. As simple as it may sound, it is good to understand the work of a compressor pedal, where it goes, and when it is absolutely necessary. Like any other gear, it is only useful when utilized optimally. Are you looking to bring those […]