best travel guitar nylon string

THESE 5 Best Travel Guitar Nylon String Classical Are Awesome

Looking for the best nylon string travel guitar?  We put together our list of favorites right here! Quick Links To Our Best Classical Travel Guitar Recommendations Cordoba Mini M – Our Top Choice! Hohner HC03 Yamaha GL1 Donner Guitarele DGL-1 Anygig Travel Nylon Strings Guitar Look here for more travel guitar recommendations.  These best travel […]

classical vs acoustic guitars

Classical Vs Acoustic Guitars – What’s The Difference?

When understanding and comparing classical vs acoustic guitars, you must look at the different types of sound, styles, and materials. The main difference between classical and acoustic guitars is the sound that each produces. Classical guitars have a specific sound as they are typically played with nylon strings. In contrast, acoustic guitars have steel strings, […]