best chorus pedal for acoustic guitar

THESE 5 Best Chorus Pedals For Acoustic Guitar Are Our Top Picks

As an acoustic guitarist there are lot of chorus pedals to choose from and that why we have written this article to help make the process of best choosing one easier for you. Quick Links To Our Best Chorus Pedals For Acoustic Guitars Recommendations L.R. Baggs Align Chorus – OUR TOP CHOICE! MXR M234 BOSS […]

best chorus pedal for metal

THESE 10 Best Chorus Pedals For Metal ENHANCE Your Tone!

Choosing the best chorus pedal for metal can be difficult. Understanding what a good chorus pedal should do is important because it can help you to choose which one fits your needs. Especially when you are dealing with highly distorted metal tones. We put together our list of excellent chorus pedals to include on your […]

tc electronic corona chorus pedal review

READ This TC Electronic Corona Chorus Review Before You Buy

Right off the bat – we love the TC Electronic Corona Chorus and here’s why (want to know more reasons?  we also included it in our best chorus pedal post): Let’s start by looking at all the features that this pedal has: Toneprint – probably the coolest feature in these guitar pedals. Basically Toneprint allows […]

best chorus pedal for worship guitar

THESE 4 Best Chorus Pedal For Worship Guitar Players

Choosing a chorus pedal for worship guitar does not have to be hard. However, you will need a good guitar, amplifier, and of course, worship pedalboard for your church or praise band. Want to sound like guitarists in this genre like David Hislop, James Duke or Nigel Hendroff? Chorus pedals are designed to amplify guitar […]

best chorus pedal for jazz guitar

HERE’S The 5 Best Chorus Pedal For Jazz Guitar Tone

Every guitarist wants to be able to play as well as possible. Practice is a big part of the formula for success but other factors need attention as well. For example, professional musicians are extremely careful in selecting their equipment for their gigs and recording sessions. Jazz guitarists are no exception. They want to engage […]

best analog chorus pedal

ANNOUNCING: 7 Best Analog Chorus Pedal With Great Tone

In the last few years, the chorus pedal has been experiencing what seems like a strong resurgence. Being at the height of its popularity in the 1970s, it had its peak early in the 1990s, especially with the genre of grunge music. After this period of elevation, it fell by the wayside and lost its […]

boss ce5 vs ch1

WHICH?: Boss CE5 vs CH1: Battle Of BOSS Chorus Pedals

Pedals enable guitars to achieve certain interesting sound effects. Each of these have their own specific applications. What are chorus pedals used for?  For example, chorus pedals have the ability to make it seem like there are multiple guitars playing instead of just one. Anyone who is playing solo or using a minimal band setup […]