best chorus pedal

10 Best Chorus Pedal For The Money – Top Options For 2021

Adding the best chorus pedal for the money to your list of effects is an excellent way to give your electric guitar tone a little thickness, warm up the tone a bit and bring just a bit more life to whatever guitar piece you are playing. A chorus paired up with a good delay and you […]

best chorus pedal for worship guitar

Best Chorus Pedal For Worship Guitar

Choosing a chorus pedal for worship guitar does not have to be hard. However, you will need a good guitar, amplifier, and of course, pedalboard for your church or praise band. Chorus pedals are designed to amplify guitar signals, so it sounds like multiple guitars playing simultaneously. The chorus pedal(s) split signals into multiple voices, […]

best chorus pedal for jazz guitar

Best Chorus Pedal For Jazz Guitar

Every guitarist wants to be able to play as well as possible. Practice is a big part of the formula for success but other factors need attention as well. For example, professional musicians are extremely careful in selecting their equipment for their gigs and recording sessions. Jazz guitarists are no exception. They want to engage […]

mxr analog chorus vs micro chorus

MXR Analog Chorus vs Micro Chorus – Two MXR Options

Effects pedals are incredibly popular among musicians. These help them create their own unique sound in different ways. For example, chorus pedals are among the favorites because they make the sound thicker and more compelling. It is as if you are playing along with a large band even if you are going at it alone. […]