best martin acoustic guitar

THESE 10 Best Martin Acoustic Guitars Are FANTASTIC!

Martin stands among the few rare and best acoustic guitar brands that continue to be at the forefront of manufacturing high caliber instruments. As such, we made the decision to use this article to feature the best Martin acoustic guitars available. Quick Links To My Top Martin Acoustic Guitar Recommendations Martin D-45 – My all […]

best travel acoustic guitar

THESE 10 Best Travel Acoustic Guitars For On The Go!

In essence, a travel guitar is created with mobility and portability as its key functions. Typically, this is an indication that the musical instrument has a considerably lower weight or smaller body. Additionally, they usually incorporate creative solutions to storage, tuning and other such common issues. From its conception to its construction, this type of […]

best high end acoustic guitar

THESE 10 Best High End Acoustic Guitars Knock Your Socks Off!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional with decades of guitar-playing skills under your belt, it is difficult to overlook the “wow” factor whenever you see a high end acoustic guitar. In comparison to their reasonably priced mid-range counterparts, high end acoustic guitars are superior as it relates to playability and sound. Quick […]

best fender acoustic guitar

THESE 8 Best Fender Acoustic Guitars Are Great Picks!

Fender never disappoints when it comes to acoustic guitars. Since the days of the King series back in 1963, they’ve been pushing limits for style. Their acoustic guitar bodies take a smaller shape in different colors of unique wood pairings. We recommend them for guitar players of any level. Quick Links To Our Best Fender […]

best Yamaha acoustic guitar

THESE 9 Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Are FINE Choices!

Yamaha has an incredible history of producing high-quality acoustic guitars in various cost categories. A large number of current and aspiring musicians are aware that they do not have to look beyond the largely successful Yamaha brand for their steel string instruments. This is particularly so when selecting a new acoustic guitar. Quick Links To […]

best 12 string acoustic guitar

THESE 10 Best 12 String Acoustic Guitars Are Amazing!

There’s nothing like holding an acoustic guitar in your arms and letting out a bunch of open chords — unless you’re talking about a 12-string acoustic guitar. With an extra sextet chiming out at every strum, a twelve-stringer gives you a meatier, fuller sound with loads of harmonic presence. It almost feels as though you’re […]

guitar melody samples

10 Best Guitar Melody Samples For Your Songwriting

The competition in the world of music today is enormous. The way you play the strings of your guitar will largely impact how your music stands out, and this also affects the number of people who listen to your music. Today, there are many guitar samples and guitar loops that you can add to your […]

best battery powered guitar amp

THESE 10 Best Battery Powered Guitar Amps Sound Great!

Need a guitar amp that’s portable and can be played anywhere you take it – like busking?  Look at these best battery powered guitar amp options: Quick Links To Our Top Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier Recommendations Yamaha THR10 II – MY TOP CHOICE!  This guitar amp has excellent tone options, plenty of features to shape […]

best small tube amp

10 Best Small Tube Amps Features Top Guitar Tones

In my 30+ years of playing guitar, I have always struggled with finding a best small tube amp that is also powered by vacuum tubes (also called valves).  I’ve tried out a ton of them and they always seem to either not have enough punch or they have too much for what I want to […]

best beginner guitar amp

THESE 10 Best Beginner Guitar Amps Are Great First Amps!

ATTN: Beginner guitar players! Need an amp but not sure what is best for you?  Look at this: Quick Links To Our Best Beginner Guitar Amp Choices Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 20 – OUR TOP BEGINNER AMPLIFIER CHOICE because it has all the basics with an excellent sound at a great price!  Amazing tones, huge range, […]

best gigging amp

THESE 10 Best Gigging Amps Are Perfect For Your Next Gig!

Got a gig coming up?  You need the right best gigging amp for your live performances.  Check these out Quick Links To Our Best Amp For Gigging Recommendations Orange Rocker 32 2×10” Valve Combo Gigging Amp – OUR TOP CHOICE and a great tube combo option for gigs!  Excellent sound, two channels to help guitarists […]

guitar wall mount

WARNING: Don’t Use DIY Guitar Wall Mounts Until You Read This!

Guitarists can be a weird bunch. When most people collect musical instruments, they place their guitar hanging behind glass in order to ensure that they will never be harmed. When guitar players collect guitars, they hang them so that they are ready to be played.  Out in the open on a guitar wall mount in […]

best ambient reverb pedal

7 Best Ambient Reverb Pedals For Cool Space Tone

Looking to create a stunning ambient guitar tone?  We bring you a list of the best ambient reverb pedal options that are sure to make you happy. Quick Links To My Top Ambient Reverb Pedals Recommendations Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal – MY TOP CHOICE! These reverb pedals are a good addition to any […]

best clean guitar amps

THESE 7 Best Clean Guitar Amps Have Great Clean Tones!

Looking for great clean guitar tones?  These are the best clean guitar amps you should check out today. Quick Links To Our Top Clean Guitar Amplifier Recommendations Fender ’65 Twin Reverb – OUR TOP CHOICE! This tube amp has a great clean sound and tone, plenty of volume, takes effects well, and can give you […]

THESE 7 Best Spring Reverb Pedals For 2022 Are Quality!

Reverb is among the oldest guitar effects, beginning with the spring tanks that initiated in early tube amplifiers. It is arguably the most significant effect in music that enables musicians and producers to establish a feeling of space for particular instruments and mixes. Quick Links To Our Top Spring Reverb Pedal Recommendations Catalinbread Topanga Spring […]

best super strat

STRATS ON STEROIDS! 10 Best Super Strat Guitars In 2022

I love Superstrat-style guitars! These are my favorites! Quick Links To Our Best Super Strat Style Guitars Recommendations Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 – MY TOP CHOICE! This famous guitar has an excellent guitar tone, plays super easy, the neck feels great, and not a bad price! Our choice for best Super Strat. Ibanez AZ224F Premium – The runner up instruments! Ibanez […]

best practice amp

THESE 10 Best Guitar Practice Amp Picks Sound Great!

Need something small and easy to use?  Below is a list of some of the most reliable and best practice guitar amp options that I’ve tried: Quick Link To My Best Practice Amp For Guitar Recommendations Here is a quick list of each of our top picks and the reason why we chose it:  Fender […]

best metal amps

THESE 10 Best Guitar Amps For Metal Guitarists Rock!

ATTN: Metal Guitarists looking for top guitar tone! Ready to melt faces?  These are the best metal amps to get that done! Quick Links To Our Best Metal Amp Recommendations Here is a quick view with links to our guitar amp recommendations along with the main reason why we chose each one. Peavey Invective 120 […]