best delay pedal for acoustic guitar

5 Best Delay Pedal For Acoustic Guitar – Picks For Great Tone!

The market is flooded with the best delay pedal for acoustic guitar options that are either expensive or cheap but don’t have the acoustic guitar features you need. You can find a lot of products out there, and it’s hard to pick which one will be best for your needs. That’s why we created this […]

best delay pedal under 100

5 Best Delay Pedal Under 100 – Top Delays @ A Good Price

Looking for the best delay pedal under 100? There are many different kinds of delays out there, but finding one that is within that budget can be hard. The market is full of different pedals that all promise a great sound and functionality. However, it’s not easy to find one that fits your needs perfectly. […]

best mini delay pedal

5 Best Mini Delay Pedal Picks – Small But Awesome!

You want a pedal that can add beautiful and unique delay effects to your music, but you don’t want it to take up too much space. The standard sized delay pedals are great for most musicians, but if you’re playing in a band with limited stage space or just prefer smaller pedals then there are […]

best compressor pedal for country guitar

5 Best Compressor Pedal For Country Guitar – Get Super Twangy!

If you’re a country guitar player, then you must be looking for the best compressor pedal for country guitar that will give your sound more character and sustain. Compressor pedals are important in any guitarist’s rig because they control dynamics of your playing style and help to bring out certain notes. But finding the right […]

best compressor pedal under 50

5 Best Compressor Pedal Under 50 Picks For Great Tone!

If you’re looking for the best compressor pedal under 50, then your search has come to an end. Compressor pedals are a must-have tool in any guitarist’s arsenal. They give you control over volume and sustain by reducing dynamic range. Most guitarists use them to keep their playing sounding consistent regardless of how hard they […]

best compressor pedal under 100

7 Best Compressor Pedal Under 100 Options For 2021

Finding the best compressor pedal under 100 can be hard. The market is flooded with hundreds of different options, making it difficult to find the right one for your needs. Our team of experts have done all the research and testing so you don’t have to. We recommend finding a great value compressor effect pedal […]

best small compressor pedal

8 Best Small Compressor Pedal – Mini Options, Huge Tone

Smaller is better, but when it comes to compressors the size of a pedal board can be a real problem. Compressors are great for shaping your tone and bringing out the best in your guitar playing, but they’re not always easy to use. You need something simple that you can just plug into your rig […]

best compressor pedal for acoustic guitar

5 Best Compressor Pedal For Acoustic Guitar Top Choices

Compressor pedals are a great way to get more sustain out of your acoustic guitar, but they can be hard to choose. There are so many options and features on the market today that it’s hard to know what you need in a best compressor pedal for acoustic guitar. We did all the research for […]

best chorus pedal for metal

10 Best Chorus Pedal For Metal (From 80’s Hair To Modern Metal)

Choosing the best chorus pedal for metal can be difficult. Understanding what a good chorus pedal should do is important because it can help you to choose which one fits your needs. Especially when you are dealing with highly distorted metal tones. We put together our list of excellent chorus pedals that work well with […]

best ibanez acoustic guitar

8 Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar For The Money In 2021

You want to buy an Ibanez acoustic guitar but you don’t know where and which one to choose? Quick Links To Our Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Recommendations Ibanez AW54CEOPN Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar – OUR TOP CHOICE! Ibanez GA35TCEDVS (Under $300!) – runner up and a great options under $300 Ibanez PC12MHOPN Ibanez AC340OPN Ibanez […]

best Taylor acoustic guitar

8 Best Taylor Acoustic Guitars For All Budgets In 2021

Are you an acoustic guitarist considering an upgrade to a higher quality guitar?  I would highly recommend any of these best Taylor acoustic guitar options.  Check these exceptional acoustic guitar choices out! Quick Links To Our Best Taylor Acoustic Guitar Recommendations Taylor GS Mini – OUR TOP CHOICE! Taylor 310CE Taylor Big Baby (BBT) Taylor […]

best guitar case for flying

7 Best Guitar Case For Flying Options (Travel Protection!)

If you’re planning to travel and bring your guitar, I’d recommend picking up a quality guitar flight case and choosing from one of these best guitar case for flying recommendations. Related reading – Can a guitar fit in an overhead bin? Our Top Guitar Cases For Flying Recommendations Crossrock Anti-Scratch Flight Case The first contender […]

best tube distortion pedal

5 Best Tube Distortion Pedals – Get Amazing Dirty Tone!

Tube distortion pedals can be used widely; from limitlessly bolstering an overdrive channel to producing all the gain into a clean amplifier. Some guitarists prefer to run their distortion pedals at the start of the chain, while others run theirs in the effects loop or at the end. Below are our recommendations for the best […]

best electric guitar starter kit

Beginner Guitarists! These 10 Best Electric Guitar Starter Kits Include Guitars, Amp & More!

So you are looking to pick up an electric guitar and start learning to play. You might not know it but you really need the best electric guitar starter kit. You get everything you need to start playing and get started on your journey as a budding musician.  Check out my full review of each […]

best guitar chair

8 Best Guitar Chair & Stool Options For 2021

You could probably play the guitar while on the floor but why risk inconvenience and comfort when you can play on the best guitar chair? We scoured many shops to find the perfect options for you and here are our recommendations: Our Top Chair For Playing Guitar & Stool Reviews   Gibraltar 9608 MB Throne […]

best small pedal board

7 Best Small Pedal Board Setups For Guitar

Essentially, a pedalboard is a flat surface designed to accommodate guitar effects pedals and other gadgets you might use in the signal chain of your guitar. Pedal boards are typically layered with Velcro strips meant to stick the stompboxes to the frame. Below are some of the best small pedal board options currently available. Our […]

best tube amp

20 Best Tube Amp For The Money Options (For Valve Lovers!)

As it relates to choosing an amplifier for professional live performances, tube amplifiers are the more popular option, without a doubt. Quick Links To My Top Tube Amp Recommendations Fender ’65 Twin Reverb – My top choice! Marshall JVM M-JVM205H-U – Looking for a top tube amp head? This is the one! Fender Hot Rod […]

best marshall amp

10 Best Marshall Amp For The Money (Combo & Head)

It’s arguably the most significant development in the history of rock and roll: the Marshall Amp. The unassuming little black box is what brought the rock and roll sound to the masses, allowing bands play in front of huge crowds for the first time. Not to forget the high-octane crunch it had to offer — […]

best 3/4 acoustic guitar

10 Best 3/4 Acoustic Guitar – Top Sounding & Quality

Looking to introduce your little ones to the acoustic guitar experience? Look no further than the 3/4 size acoustic. It’s basically an acoustic guitar shrunk to 75 percent of the standard body volume. This, combined with an overall length of 36 inches and price range of $100 – $250 makes these best 3/4 guitar options […]

best cutaway acoustic guitar under 1000

10 Best Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 For 2021

Value is one of the major features of the top acoustic guitars. Each of the guitars on this list below has what it takes to satisfy the needs of the serious guitarist yet does not feel as if it is made for beginners. Value-priced guitars are not limited to travel versions and ones designed for […]

best acoustic guitar for intermediate players

What Is The Best Acoustic Guitar For Intermediate Players?

When you are ready to make the transition from a beginner player to an intermediate guitarist, you want an acoustic guitar that will not only help you play effortlessly with your newly-built skills but one that will challenge you and adapt to your playing as you improve further. In this list, we have compiled the […]

best martin acoustic guitar

10 Best Martin Acoustic Guitar Options In 2021

Martin stands among the few rare and best acoustic guitar brands that continue to be at the forefront of manufacturing high caliber instruments. As such, we made the decision to use this article to feature the best Martin acoustic guitars available. Quick Links To My Top Martin Acoustic Guitar Recommendations Martin D-45 – My all […]

best travel acoustic guitar

10 Best Travel Acoustic Guitar Choices For 2021

In essence, a travel guitar is created with mobility and portability as its key functions. Typically, this is an indication that the instrument has a considerably lower weight or smaller body. Additionally, they usually incorporate creative solutions to storage, tuning and other such common issues. From its conception to its construction, this type of guitar […]