best acoustic guitar for small hands

8 Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands Picks For 2021

You choose a prefect guitar that you are happy with based on your personal preferences like size, shape, style, and genres of sound and then second comes the physical factor. Some people have small hands, typically they tend to be children, teens and women. When you have small hands, playing the guitar can be difficult […]

best looper pedal under 100

5 Best Looper Pedal Under 100 Options For 2021

Guitar pedals or effect pedals are electronic units that alter the sound of your instrument and also control its basic aspects like tone and volume. If you are new to the world of guitars, then looper pedals are a good way to hone your skills. A looper pedal is less an effect and more of […]

7 Best Spring Reverb Pedal Options For 2021

Reverb is among the oldest guitar effects, beginning with the spring tanks that initiated in early tube amplifiers. It is arguably the most significant effect in music that enables musicians and producers to establish a feeling of space for particular instruments and mixes. Guitarists have used it since the 1950s, and today’s spring reverb pedals […]

best budget reverb pedal

5 Best Budget Reverb Pedal Options For 2021

Reverb is all the rage. It’s the mixture of sounds reflected off close surfaces that gives a great atmosphere to your guitar playing. From subtle tones to intense ones, it gives you the atmosphere you wish for. However, reverb pedals are not known to be affordable as they come with premium features. However, that is […]

best super strat

10 Best Super Strat Guitars – Top Picks For 2021

Are you a fan of guitars? If so, guitar lovers already know about this type of guitar – the Super Strat. Or perhaps, you are totally unfamiliar about them? Let me introduce the super stat for you real quick. A superstrat is a type of electric guitar that best shines in the hard rock and […]