best chorus pedal for metal

10 Best Chorus Pedal For Metal (From 80’s Hair To Modern Metal)

Choosing the best chorus pedal for metal can be difficult. Understanding what a good chorus pedal should do is important because it can help you to choose which one fits your needs. Especially when you are dealing with highly distorted metal tones. We put together our list of excellent chorus pedals that work well with […]

best ibanez acoustic guitar

8 Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar For The Money In 2021

You want to buy an Ibanez acoustic guitar but you don’t know where and which one to choose? Quick Links To Our Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Recommendations Ibanez AW54CEOPN Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar – OUR TOP CHOICE! Ibanez GA35TCEDVS (Under $300!) – runner up and a great options under $300 Ibanez PC12MHOPN Ibanez AC340OPN Ibanez […]

best Taylor acoustic guitar

8 Best Taylor Acoustic Guitars For All Budgets In 2021

Are you an acoustic guitarist considering an upgrade to a higher quality guitar?  I would highly recommend any of these best Taylor acoustic guitar options.  Check these exceptional acoustic guitar choices out! Quick Links To Our Best Taylor Acoustic Guitar Recommendations Taylor GS Mini – OUR TOP CHOICE! Taylor 310CE Taylor Big Baby (BBT) Taylor […]

best guitar case for flying

7 Best Guitar Case For Flying Options (Travel Protection!)

If you’re planning to travel and bring your guitar, I’d recommend picking up a quality guitar flight case and choosing from one of these best guitar case for flying recommendations. Our Top Guitar Cases For Flying Recommendations Crossrock Anti-Scratch Flight Case The first contender is one that is well-suited for taking care of your classical […]

best tube distortion pedal

5 Best Tube Distortion Pedals – Get Amazing Dirty Tone!

Tube distortion pedals can be used widely; from limitlessly bolstering an overdrive channel to producing all the gain into a clean amplifier. Some guitarists prefer to run their distortion pedals at the start of the chain, while others run theirs in the effects loop or at the end. Below are our recommendations for the best […]

best electric guitar starter kit

Beginner Guitarists! These 10 Best Electric Guitar Starter Kits Include Guitars, Amp & More!

So you are looking to pick up an electric guitar and start learning to play. You might not know it but you really need the best electric guitar starter kit. You get everything you need to start playing and get started on your journey as a budding musician.  Check out my full review of each […]

best small acoustic guitar amp

8 Best Small Acoustic Guitar Amps (Top Features, Channels & Effects)

Even though it’s capable of producing its own sound, there’re times when the acoustic electric  guitar struggles to make itself heard. Let’s say, for instance, you’ve added a new unit to your collection and want to show off to your friends. Can you rely on the ax to make a presence on its own? Let’s […]

best tube amplifier under 500

7 Best Tube Amplifier Under 500 With Great Guitar Tone!

Buying tube amplifiers does not have to cost thousands of dollars. There are a number of premium models that are worth the cost; however, there is still a collection of reasonably-priced tube guitar amps that will not bust your budget. Quick Links To Our Best Tube Amp Under $500 Recommendations Fender Pro Junior IV – […]

best guitar chair

8 Best Guitar Chair & Stool Options For 2021

You could probably play the guitar while on the floor but why risk inconvenience and comfort when you can play on the best guitar chair? We scoured many shops to find the perfect options for you and here are our recommendations: Our Top Chair For Playing Guitar & Stool Reviews   Gibraltar 9608 MB Throne […]

best small pedal board

7 Best Small Pedal Board Setups For Guitar

Essentially, a pedalboard is a flat surface designed to accommodate guitar effects pedals and other gadgets you might use in the signal chain of your guitar. Pedal boards are typically layered with Velcro strips meant to stick the stompboxes to the frame. Below are some of the best small pedal board options currently available. Our […]

best small blues amp

10 Best Small Blues Amp Choices (Top Blues Guitar Tone!)

The blues is all about emotional expression. If you are planning to try your hand at this genre, then make sure that you are able to get that rich sound and impressive dynamics that define it. Pair your electric guitar with the right amp to make sweet music. Quick Links To My Top Small Blues […]

best tube amp

20 Best Tube Amp For The Money Options (For Valve Lovers!)

As it relates to choosing an amplifier for professional live performances, tube amplifiers are the more popular option, without a doubt. Quick Links To My Top Tube Amp Recommendations Fender ’65 Twin Reverb – My top choice! Marshall JVM M-JVM205H-U – Looking for a top tube amp head? This is the one! Fender Hot Rod […]

best marshall amp

10 Best Marshall Amp For The Money (Love These!)

It’s arguably the most significant development in the history of rock and roll: the Marshall Amp. The unassuming little black box is what brought the rock and roll sound to the masses, allowing bands play in front of huge crowds for the first time. Not to forget the high-octane crunch it had to offer — […]

best 3/4 acoustic guitar

10 Best 3/4 Acoustic Guitar – Small Body Options For 2021

Looking to introduce your little ones to the acoustic guitar experience? Look no further than the 3/4 size acoustic. It’s basically an acoustic guitar shrunk to 75 percent of the standard body volume. This, combined with an overall length of 36 inches, makes 3/4 guitars ideal for the diminutive frames of young learners. Quick Links […]

best cutaway acoustic guitar under 1000

10 Best Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 For 2021

Value is one of the major features of the top acoustic guitars. Each of the guitars on this list below has what it takes to satisfy the needs of the serious guitarist yet does not feel as if it is made for beginners. Value-priced guitars are not limited to travel versions and ones designed for […]

best acoustic guitar for intermediate players

10 Best Acoustic Guitar For Intermediate Players In 2021

When you are ready to make the transition from a beginner player to an intermediate guitarist, you want an acoustic guitar that will not only help you play effortlessly with your newly-built skills but one that will challenge you and adapt to your playing as you improve further. In this list, we have compiled the […]

best martin acoustic guitar

10 Best Martin Acoustic Guitar Options In 2021

Martin stands among the few rare and best acoustic guitar brands that continue to be at the forefront of manufacturing high caliber instruments. As such, we made the decision to use this article to feature the best Martin acoustic guitars available. Quick Links To My Top Martin Acoustic Guitar Recommendations Martin D-45 – My all […]

best travel acoustic guitar

10 Best Travel Acoustic Guitar Options For 2021

In essence, a travel guitar is created with mobility and portability as its key functions. Typically, this is an indication that the instrument has a considerably lower weight or smaller body. Additionally, they usually incorporate creative solutions to storage, tuning and other such common issues. From its conception to its construction, this type of guitar […]

best taylor acoustic guitar under 1000

7 Best Taylor Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 – 2021 Picks

If you want a high quality acoustic guitar, then there are only a few names to choose from. One of them is Taylor, a brand that has been producing excellent instruments since the 1970s. The California-based company is known for making some of the most popular premium acoustic guitars in the world. They also have […]

best high end acoustic guitar

10 Best High End Acoustic Guitar Options For 2021

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional with decades of guitar-playing skills under your belt, it is difficult to overlook the “wow” factor whenever you see a high end acoustic guitar. In comparison to their reasonably priced mid-range counterparts, high end acoustic guitars are superior as it relates to playability and sound. Quick […]

best acoustic guitar for country music

10 Best Acoustic Guitar For Country Music 2021 Options

The guitar is one of the must-have instruments for any music artist, beginner or old hand. The guitar transforms ordinary music into the realm of extraordinary. Whether it’s Rock and Roll or Country music, the guitar is the perfect partner that brings out the best tonal quality, performance and projection. There are different types of […]

best acoustic guitar for fingerstyle

9 Best Acoustic Guitar For Fingerstyle Options

The fingerstyle technique is characterized by the use of fingernails or fingertips to pluck the strings individually. This allows guitarists to play a richer guitar melody than would otherwise be possible. They can hit several notes at the same time such that one instrument can do what a full band usually tackles together. However, it […]

best fender acoustic guitar

8 Best Fender Acoustic Guitar Options For 2021

Fender never disappoints when it comes to acoustic guitars. Since the days of the King series back in 1963, they’ve been pushing limits for style. Their acoustic guitar bodies take a smaller shape in different colors of unique wood pairings. We recommend them for guitar players of any level. Quick Links To Our Best Fender […]

best Yamaha acoustic guitar

9 Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Options For 2021

Yamaha has an incredible history of producing high-quality acoustic guitars in various cost categories. A large number of current and aspiring musicians are aware that they do not have to look beyond the largely successful Yamaha brand for their instruments. This is particularly so when selecting a new acoustic guitar. Quick Links To Our Best […]

best acoustic guitar under 100

10 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100 – Cheap, But Great!

For an individual who has just made the decision to enter the world of guitar playing, the process of finding the right instrument at the right cost can be quite exhausting. Being unaware of what to look for in a budget-friendly guitar could result in the purchase of something that is either of poor quality […]

best 12 string acoustic guitar

10 Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar Options For 2021

There’s nothing like holding an acoustic guitar in your arms and letting out a bunch of open chords — unless you’re talking about a 12-string acoustic guitar. With an extra sextet chiming out at every strum, a twelve-stringer gives you a meatier, fuller sound with loads of harmonic presence. It almost feels as though you’re […]

best acoustic guitar under 400

10 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 400 – Our Top Choices

The acoustic guitar market is inundated with impressive and affordable instruments of varying price points. The quality on the best acoustic guitar under 400 has been improving steadily and you are now able to make choices based not only on the cost but the type of acoustic guitar you need, the tonal character, the finish […]