princeton reverb vs deluxe reverb

Princeton Reverb Vs Deluxe Reverb Guitar Amps – Know The Difference

The guitar amplifiers that the guitarists and bands tend to choose has a big role to play in producing the sound they want. The instruments, be it a guitar, bass, or keyboard although output signals, tend to produce their weak form, i.e. the signals that these instruments produce on their own happen to be weaker […]

helix vs kemper vs axe fx

Helix Vs Kemper Vs Axe FX – Checking Out All Three!

The incredible advancement of the digital modeling amps over the last few years has brought in a great addition to the modern sound system requirements for the guitarists and bands regardless of the size of the venues of their performances, be it small, medium-sized or the bigger shows! The modern amps are now the new […]

vox vt40+ vs fender mustang ii

Vox VT40+ Vs Fender Mustang II – Which Is Better?

Not quite long since the 1930s that the electronic amplification of sound arrived at the scene. As big-band guitarists commenced taking solos, there came a scene wherein the guitarists had to amplify their sound to compete with the horn section. That is when the development of amplifiers took over the trend with a motive to […]

best amp for stratocaster

5 Best Amp For Stratocaster Guitars Options For 2020

The Fender Stratocaster has been one of the most beloved electric guitars for a long time. Its’ excellent playability and straightforward design make it an ideal option for experienced and novice guitarists alike. It is also associated with a number of famous musicians. The best amp for stratocaster guitars depends on your requirements. If you […]

best amp for telecaster

5 Best Amp For Telecaster Options For Top Tele Sound

The Fender Telecaster is known for its simple design and amazing sound. As the first solid-body electric guitar that gained commercial success, it revolutionized the music industry in terms of instrument manufacturing and mainstream music. The Tele, as it is fondly called, continues to be popular today with several reissues and variants for loyal fans. […]