best small tube amp

10 Best Small Tube Amp Top Picks – Low Watt Heads & Combos

Despite the presence of solid-state and digital power amps, many guitarists still prefer the more classic, natural-ish sound of the tube amps. However, the saturated brilliance of the white-hot tubes may sometimes be too loud especially if you are jamming away at your home or apartment. If such is the case with you, a good […]

best jazz guitar amp

8 Best Jazz Guitar Amp For The Money Top 2020 Picks!

The tone is critical to a jazz guitar performance – be it when you’re on a gig or just jamming out. Whether you are blowing or comping, the amplifier you use ascertains the ideal tone. Finding the best jazz guitar amp for that coveted clean, signature tone isn’t that simple. You should know what to […]

best guitar amp under 200

10 Best Guitar Amp Under 200 Top Options For 2020

Guitar amplifiers come in a wide variety of sizes and capacities, with their uses also varying from those used in house studio to advanced models used in outdoor event performances. Several aspects influence your choice of ideal guitar amps that work best for you. You ought to first establish what you want to play, whether […]

best beginner guitar amp

10 Best Beginner Guitar Amp Options For 2020!

Choosing the best beginner guitar amp is almost as important as choosing a guitar. More and more musicians rely on amps to generate about 50% of the sounds they produce—including the all-important nuances that contribute to developing a signature musical style. Unfortunately, the task can often be overwhelming for new musicians because of the many […]

do guitar amp tubes need to be broken in

Do Guitar Amp Tubes Need To Be Broken In?

A guitar amp tube is basically an amplifier that employs valves or vacuum tubes to magnify the electric signals a musical instrument produces. For bass and electric guitars, pickups produce those signals – usually of the electromagnetic kind – and they go through the power tubes and preamp tubes of the amplifier prior to exiting […]

do guitar amp heads have speakers

Do Guitar Amp Heads Have Speakers? Amp Heads Vs Combos

The guitar is a universally beloved instrument, admired for its versatility and affordability. And while it might be relatively easy to learn to play, it is challenging to truly master. Once a guitarist no longer considers himself a beginner, he may decide to move from playing a ‘Spanish’ or acoustic guitar to one of the […]