best tube amp

20 Best Tube Amp For The Money Options (For Valve Lovers!)

As it relates to choosing an amplifier for professional live performances, tube amplifiers are the more popular option, without a doubt. Quick Links To My Top Tube Amp Recommendations Fender ’65 Twin Reverb – My top choice! Marshall JVM M-JVM205H-U – Looking for a top tube amp head? This is the one! Fender Hot Rod […]

best marshall amp

10 Best Marshall Amp For The Money (Love These!)

It’s arguably the most significant development in the history of rock and roll: the Marshall Amp. The unassuming little black box is what brought the rock and roll sound to the masses, allowing bands play in front of huge crowds for the first time. Not to forget the high-octane crunch it had to offer — […]

best battery powered guitar amp

Need Big Tone In A Small Package? These 10 Best Battery Powered Guitar Amps Fit Right In!

Need a guitar amp that’s portable and can be played anywhere you take it?  Look at these best battery powered guitar amp options: Quick Links To Our Top Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier Recommendations Yamaha THR10 II – MY TOP CHOICE!  This guitar amp has excellent tone options, plenty of features to shape your tone and […]

best small tube amp

Top 10 Best Small Tube Amp – Low Watt Combos & Heads is supported by our readers. Making a purchase through links on our site may earn us an affiliate commission. In my 30+ years of playing guitar, I have always struggled with finding a best small tube amp that is also powered by vacuum tubes (also called valves).  I’ve tried out a ton of them […]

best beginner guitar amp

Beginner Guitarist? 10 Best Beginner Guitar Amp Sounds Amazing!

ATTN: Beginner guitar players! Need an amp but not sure what is best for you?  Look at this: Quick Links To Our Best Beginner Guitar Amp Choices Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 20 – OUR TOP BEGINNER AMPLIFIER CHOICE because it has all the basics with an excellent sound at a great price!  Amazing tones, huge range, […]

best gigging amp

Ready For The Stage? 10 Best Gigging Amp Picks For Solo & Band Guitarists

Got a gig coming up?  You need the right best gigging amp for your live performances.  Check these out Quick Links To Our Best Amp For Gigging Recommendations Orange Rocker 32 2×10” Valve Combo Gigging Amp – OUR TOP CHOICE and a great tube combo option for gigs!  Excellent sound, two channels to help guitarists […]

best clean guitar amps

7 Best Clean Guitar Amps (Clean Up Your Guitar Tone!)

Looking for great clean guitar tones?  These are the best clean guitar amps you should check out today. Quick Links To Our Top Clean Guitar Amplifier Recommendations Fender ’65 Twin Reverb – OUR TOP CHOICE! This tube amp has a great clean sound and tone, plenty of volume, takes effects well, and can give you […]

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Top Guitar Tones At Home! These 10 Best Practice Amp Picks Rock!

Need something small and easy to use?  Below is a list of some of the most reliable and best practice amp options that I’ve tried: Quick Link To My Best Practice Amp Recommendations Here is a quick list of each of our top picks and the reason why we chose it:   Fender Champion 20 […]

best metal amps

10 Best Metal Amps Options (Brutal Tones! Chug Chug!)

ATTN: Metal Guitarists looking for top guitar tone! Ready to melt faces?  These are the best metal amps to get that done! Quick Links To Our Best Metal Amp Recommendations Here is a quick view with links to our recommendations along with the main reason why we chose each one. Peavey Invective 120 Head – […]

best acoustic guitar amp under 200

Get Amazing Sound With These 9 Best Acoustic Guitar Amps Under 200

We know your acoustic guitar sounds reasonable enough on its own. But sometimes we all need a little more. Whether you want to play in front of an audience or jam together with your friends, we are sure you will love our list of best acoustic guitar amp under 200. Quick Links To My Top […]

do you need an amp for an electric guitar

Do You Need An Amp For An Electric Guitar?

Each electric guitarist needs an amplifier. The blending of guitar and amp has commanded well known music for almost 50 years and has made probably the greatest star artists ever. Over the long haul, there has been essentially no such trade for the various apparent alternatives and exact command over your guitar’s sound that a […]

princeton reverb vs deluxe reverb

Princeton Reverb Vs Deluxe Reverb Guitar Amps – Know The Difference

The guitar amplifiers that the guitarists and bands tend to choose has a big role to play in producing the sound they want. The instruments, be it a guitar, bass, or keyboard although output signals, tend to produce their weak form, i.e. the signals that these instruments produce on their own happen to be weaker […]

helix vs kemper vs axe fx

Helix Vs Kemper Vs Axe FX – Checking Out All Three!

The incredible advancement of the digital modeling amps over the last few years has brought in a great addition to the modern sound system requirements for the guitarists and bands regardless of the size of the venues of their performances, be it small, medium-sized or the bigger shows! The modern amps are now the new […]

vox vt40+ vs fender mustang ii

Vox VT40+ Vs Fender Mustang II – Which Is Better?

Not quite long since the 1930s that the electronic amplification of sound arrived at the scene. As big-band guitarists commenced taking solos, there came a scene wherein the guitarists had to amplify their sound to compete with the horn section. That is when the development of amplifiers took over the trend with a motive to […]

best amp for stratocaster

5 Best Amp For Stratocaster Guitars (Top Fender Tone!)

ATTN: Fender Stratocaster Players! You already play the best electric guitar – what about the right amp to go with it? Quick Links To Our Best Fender Stratocaster Amp Recommendations Fender Deluxe Reverb Guitar Amps – OUR TOP CHOICE because the tone with a Stratocaster guitar is unmatched and my number one pick! Marshall 1962 […]

best amp for telecaster

Hey Fender Fans! These 5 Best Amps For Telecasters Bring Top Tele Sound

You have a Tele and want the best possible tone you can get from it.  Here are my favorite amplifiers to pair with your Telecaster. Quick Links To Our Best Telecaster Amp Recommendations Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Amp – MY TOP CHOICE!  Excellent Tele country and/or blues guitar tones with a nice overdrive when pushing […]

best guitar amp under 500

10 Best Guitar Amp Under 500 (Tone For Moderate Price!)

So you’re getting serious about playing electric guitars. You are ready to invest a bit more money for better sound and greater control. Consider getting a best new amplifier. Your old practice amp might have been good enough for solo sessions but now you’ll need something that can crush band gigs and recording studios. It […]

best guitar amp under 300

10 Best Guitar Amp Under 300 Picks For Guitarists

Need a new guitar amp but don’t want to spend more than $300?  You can get a great amplifier for this price range. Quick Links To Our Under $300 Guitar Amplifier Recommendations Marshall Code 50 – OUR TOP CHOICE! Awesome range of quality sound and tones. Built in effects, amp models and other features. Plenty […]

best guitar amp under 100

10 Best Guitar Amp Under 100 – Top Budget Picks!

Amps don’t always need to go on full blast. Sometimes all you require is a small tube guitar amplifier with enough volume to fill your room with sound. This would allow you to practice to your heart’s content without getting into fights with your neighbor or the rest of the household. It would also save […]

best guitar amp under 200

10 Best Guitar Amp Under 200 Top Options For 2021

Guitar amplifiers come in a wide variety of sizes and capacities, with their uses also varying from those used in house studio to advanced models used in outdoor event performances. Several aspects influence your choice of ideal guitar amps that work best for you. You ought to first establish what you want to play, whether […]

do guitar amp heads have speakers

Do Guitar Amp Heads Have Speakers? Amp Heads Vs Combos

The guitar is a universally beloved instrument, admired for its versatility and affordability. And while it might be relatively easy to learn to play, it is challenging to truly master. Once a guitarist no longer considers himself a beginner, he may decide to move from playing a ‘Spanish’ or acoustic guitar to one of the […]

fender blues jr review

Fender Blues Jr Review – Specs, Price & Uses

The tweed and blackface amps from Fender became popular during the eras of the 1950s and 1960s. These amps are revered for their historical significance and remarkable tones. However, the hugely popular Blues Series have outlasted them both. The Blue Series has been in production from about 1993. The grander DeVille and Deluxe combos were […]