best battery powered guitar amp

10 Best Battery Powered Guitar Amp Options For 2021

Need a guitar amp that’s portable and can be played anywhere?  Look at these best battery powered guitar amp options: Quick Links To Our Top Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier Recommendations Yamaha THR10 II – MY TOP CHOICE! Yamaha THR5 – the runner up! Roland MICRO CUBE GX 3 VOX MINI3 G2 BOSS Katana Mini Blackstar […]

Marshall DSL40CR review

Marshall DSL40CR Review – You Need This Guitar Amp!

The ionic English manufacture Marshall offers the latest model in the line of Dual Super Lead amplifiers or DSL that date back to the 1990s. This is none other than this which is an upgraded version of the Marshall DSL40C that was introduced earlier in 2012. With strong and deep tonal qualities, it has every […]

best small tube amp

10 Best Small Tube Amp Top Picks – Low Watt Combo & Heads

In my 30+ years of playing guitar, I have always struggled with finding a decent small amp that is also powered by tubes.  I’ve tried out a ton of them and they always seem to either not have enough punch or they have too much for what I want to use it for – small […]

best gigging amp

10 Best Gigging Amp Picks For Solo & Band Guitarists

Got a gig coming up?  You need the right best gigging amp.  Check these out Quick Links To Our Best Amp For Gigging Recommendations Orange Rocker 32 2×10” Valve Combo Gigging Amp – OUR TOP CHOICE and a great tube combo option! VOX AC30 – My runner up as a great amp gor gigs. Fender […]

best clean guitar amps

7 Best Clean Guitar Amps For 2021

Looking for great clean tones?  These are the best clean guitar amps you should check out today. Our Top Clean Guitar Amp Recommendations 1.  Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Fender ’65 Twin Reverb has been gaining a immense popularity because of its vintage and clean tone. Packed with a power of 85 watts, this guitar amp […]