best epiphone acoustic guitar

7 Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitar – Top Quality Models

Epiphone have been in the acoustic guitar business for almost 150 years, this acoustic guitar brand is featured regularly on the best acoustic guitars lists. Their older designs are coveted while new models live up to their well deserved reputation for quality. The following are our reviews of the best Epiphone acoustic guitar options. Quick […]

best martin acoustic guitar

THESE 10 Best Martin Acoustic Guitars Are FANTASTIC!

Martin stands among the few rare and best acoustic guitar brands that continue to be at the forefront of manufacturing high caliber instruments. As such, we made the decision to use this article to feature the best Martin acoustic guitars available. Quick Links To My Top Martin Acoustic Guitar Recommendations Martin D-45 – My all […]

best travel acoustic guitar

THESE 10 Best Travel Acoustic Guitars For On The Go!

In essence, a travel guitar is created with mobility and portability as its key functions. Typically, this is an indication that the musical instrument has a considerably lower weight or smaller body. Additionally, they usually incorporate creative solutions to storage, tuning and other such common issues. From its conception to its construction, this type of […]

best acoustic guitar brands

LOOK! The Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Available Today!

For decades since the first was produced, the guitar has been a faithful companion for professional artists and music lovers who have deployed it to bring zip and zeal to their musical life. The sight of passionate band members playing the instrument on stage evokes an unforgettable spirit. The music world is replete with stories […]

best high end acoustic guitar

THESE 10 Best High End Acoustic Guitars Knock Your Socks Off!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional with decades of guitar-playing skills under your belt, it is difficult to overlook the “wow” factor whenever you see a high end acoustic guitar. In comparison to their reasonably priced mid-range counterparts, high end acoustic guitars are superior as it relates to playability and sound. Quick […]

guild d 240 vs martin dx1ae

Guild D-240E Vs Martin DX1AE – Two Acoustics Compared

If you are a guitarist and looking to invest in an acoustic guitar, choosing the best instrument can be challenging. But we are here to help. In this review, we’ll be comparing Guild D 240 vs Martin DX1AE helping you decide which one among the two acoustic-electric guitars has the features that will work for […]

jasmine s33 vs s35

LOOK: Jasmine S33 Vs S35 – Two Great Acoustic Guitars

The number of affordable acoustic guitars has skyrocketed in recent years, and the options include guitars from well-known instrument manufacturers and new companies that gain traction in the market. The Jasmine S33 vs S35 review finds that both guitars offer surprising value and high-quality sound at an eminently affordable price, which makes them suitable for […]

jasmine s34c vs s35

COMPARED: Jasmine S34C vs S35 – Two Great Budget Acoustics

If you’re looking for a quality acoustic guitar on a budget, you might be tempted to seek out more well-known brands. There are other options, however, that can offer you a quality instrument at a price that won’t break the bank. The Jasmine guitar range is a good example. The main difference between the Jasmine […]

yamaha apx600 vs apx500

LOOK: Yamaha APX600 Vs APX500 – Two Very Similar Acoustics

Yamaha makes guitars in every category. Although they may be known for their budget acoustic guitars, they also deserve attention for their acoustic-electric hybrids. If you want to play on the stage with a great acoustic guitar, then look into their impressive APX series to see all of the models available. This line was first […]

yamaha fg800 vs fg820

Yamaha FG800 Vs FG820 Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha has been making sweet music for several decades. The brand is associated with instruments that provide excellent value for money. They have proven that consumers don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to get high-quality guitars. The main difference between the Yamaha FG800 and the Yamaha FG820 is the build quality and the […]

yamaha fd01s vs fg800

Yamaha FD01S Vs FG800 – Great Tone Starter Guitars

With millions staying in their homes more often than usual, people are thinking of ways to make use of their time in the best ways possible. Many have turned to baking, gardening, reading, binge-watching, house repairs, organizing, and other activities. Others have turned to music, revisiting their old records or playing an instrument. If you […]

yamaha fg700 vs fg800

LOOK: Yamaha FG700 vs FG800 Acoustic Guitars

It’s 1966, and the Rolling Stones are taking the world by storm with “Paint it Black.” Meanwhile, Yamaha is hard at work putting the final touches on a couple of acoustics slated for launch later in the year. Dubbed ‘FG150’ and ‘FG180’, these are the first models designed entirely in-house by the company. The main difference between […]

yamaha f335 vs fg800

LOOK: Yamaha F335 Vs FG800 – Two Affordable Acoustic Guitars

Many guitars from established brands cost over $1,000. Not everyone can afford to splurge that much money. It is hard to justify the amount unless you are a committed musician. Many are still in the early stages of their musical journeys, trying to figure out whether they might like the guitar or not. They want […]

yamaha fg800 vs fg830

LOOK: Yamaha FG800 Vs FG830 – Excellent Yamaha Acoustics!

Finding the right acoustic guitar can be an exhilarating process, and it’s relatively straightforward. Even though there are hundreds of models from which to choose, the process doesn’t need to overwhelm you. That’s why most musicians pick a well-established brand, such as Yamaha. Although known for electric guitars, Yamaha has crafted acoustic guitars continuously since […]

fender cd-60s vs yamaha fg800

LOOK: Yamaha FG800 Vs Fender CD-60S – How They Compare

The Yamaha FG800 and Fender CD-60S are two acoustic guitars that are in high demand with musicians the world over. If you are searching for a guitar as a present for someone, then knowing the differences between these models will help you make the right choice – and put a smile on the receiver’s face. […]

yamaha fg700s vs fg800

LOOK: Yamaha FG700S Vs FG800 – Comparing Two Great Yamahas

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. The popularity may be attributed to various factors such as the ease of playing, portability, and instrument versatility. Besides, the guitar can be played across many music genres by both budding and experienced players. Solo artists and bands also find the guitar an indispensable instrument […]

martin 000x1ae vs dx1ae

Martin 000X1AE Vs DX1AE – A Comparison Of Two Acoustics

Established in 1833, CF Martin & Company have been at the forefront of multiple innovations in the guitar-making business. Martin invented everything from the 14-fret neck, to the now-ubiquitous X-bracing and the legendary Dreadnought body style. To say that the company’s guitars are highly sought-after would be an understatement — most people would kill for […]

best fender acoustic guitar

THESE 8 Best Fender Acoustic Guitars Are Great Picks!

Fender never disappoints when it comes to acoustic guitars. Since the days of the King series back in 1963, they’ve been pushing limits for style. Their acoustic guitar bodies take a smaller shape in different colors of unique wood pairings. We recommend them for guitar players of any level. Quick Links To Our Best Fender […]

best Yamaha acoustic guitar

THESE 9 Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Are FINE Choices!

Yamaha has an incredible history of producing high-quality acoustic guitars in various cost categories. A large number of current and aspiring musicians are aware that they do not have to look beyond the largely successful Yamaha brand for their steel string instruments. This is particularly so when selecting a new acoustic guitar. Quick Links To […]

best 12 string acoustic guitar

THESE 10 Best 12 String Acoustic Guitars Are Amazing!

There’s nothing like holding an acoustic guitar in your arms and letting out a bunch of open chords — unless you’re talking about a 12-string acoustic guitar. With an extra sextet chiming out at every strum, a twelve-stringer gives you a meatier, fuller sound with loads of harmonic presence. It almost feels as though you’re […]

Martin DX1AE Vs Taylor 110

Martin DX1AE Vs Taylor 110 Acoustic Guitar Differences

If you are planning to buy an acoustic guitar, you must have come across these two popular guitars, Martin DX1AE and Taylor 110, in your research. These guitars have a long history in the music industry, and almost every musician who had tried them before would want to continue with these top acoustic guitar models. But sometimes, you […]

Yamaha JR-1 review

READ This Yamaha JR-1 Review Before You Buy!

Small guitars have numerous limitations, and yet they are still popular. Tiny guitars will not offer you a roaring acoustic and can be complex to use compared to their larger guitars. Despite the various issues you will get when you play a tiny guitar, it is considered to be suitable for kids. The tiny size […]