best guitar stand

8 Best Guitar Stand 2021 – For Acoustics, Electrics, Multi, Etc.

You’ve finally managed to land that pretty guitar you’ve been dreaming about. Now there’s just one more headache left to solve — where do you keep it once you’re done playing? A case? Uhm, no. You need to get yourself the best guitar stand. Now, you’re probably wondering who you’d want a stand when you […]

best guitar wireless system

10 Best Wireless Guitar System For The Money In 2021

Electric guitars are usually wired to amplifiers. Once connected on both ends, the signal flows uninterrupted and you can play your music all day long. However, not everyone is pleased about the clutter in the room due to crisscrossing cables. These are not only eyesores, they are also hazards that can cause people to trip […]

best guitar cable

7 Best Guitar Patch Cable For The Money Options For 2021

So you got a great guitar and a powerful amplifier. Great! Now, the one thing you need to get hold of is the best guitar patch cable. To connect an electronic guitar to an amp, you certainly need a cable. The type of guitar cable you choose has a huge impact on the tune you […]

best order for pedals on pedalboard

Perfect Pedalboard Order & How To Arrange Effects

Guitar pedalboards are set up to achieve a wide range of effects and sounds in the studio or onstage. Each pedalboard setup is suited to the individual guitarists taste, and depending on their sound, some use more pedals than others.  Because of this, let’s learn how to arrange guitar pedals on your pedalboard. If you’ve […]

best room humidifer for guitars

6 Best Humidifier For Guitar Room – Prevent Damage From Humidity

A guitar which is a wooden instrument – wouldn’t sound the same every time you pick it up and strum. Before you could put the blame for this on your declining guitar playing skills, you should know that the best environment your guitar lives in ascertains how the instrument eventually sounds over a period. Quick […]

are guitar humidifiers necessary

Are Guitar Humidifiers Necessary?

Not just guitars, protecting any kind of musical instrument from humidity or extreme temperatures is imperative. When relative humidity is low, wooden musical instruments would experience some level of damage or the other over time. Maintaining optimal humidity levels helps prevent your guitar from cracking, warping, and shrinkage. Keep reading to learn more about how […]