playing guitar chords

10 4 Chord Guitar Songs for Beginners

If you are a guitar player looking for a way to relieve stress and have some fun, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve come to the right place because I’ll show you how to start learning four-chord guitar songs for beginners. These songs don’t require much chord knowledge, making them easy to understand and […]

12 string guitar

10 Beginner 12 String Guitar Songs

Are you a novice guitarist? Are you eager to start playing songs but not sure if you have enough experience? Maybe you were in a band in high school but haven’t been in a few years. Or perhaps you are dusting off your guitar and starting over. I’ll show you some of the best beginner […]

playing one guitar string

10 1 String Guitar Songs for Beginners

Are you thinking about picking up the guitar for the first time or learning to play again? Do you have experience playing but decided that something more specific is in order? Using an easy one-string guitar song for beginners is a great way to get started. Single String Guitar Songs for Beginners Sunshine of Your […]

playing guitar chords

10 2 Chord Beginner Guitar Songs

Are you relatively new to music or guitar? Are you a beginner looking for a fun and easy way to play guitar? Two-chord songs provide an easy way to start playing guitar because they use two simple chords that you’re familiar with. The guitar is an excellent way for anyone to recreate authentic music, and […]

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5 Beginner Guitar Songs Without Barre Chords

Are you interested in learning to play guitar? Does the thought of learning guitar chords intimidate you? No need to fear; with this information, you’ll learn guitar songs for beginners who have never been exposed to barre chords. These beginner guitar songs without barre chords offer an easy way to learn guitar notes and chords. […]

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10 Beginner Guitar Songs Without Chords

If you’re learning guitar, you may think that learning songs with chords is much easier than learning songs without chords. Is it true? If you know how to simple chord progressions, then you probably already know that playing guitar songs truly takes practice. Fortunately, with chords, you never have to guess how a song is […]