playing punk rock

10 Beginner Punk Songs for Guitar

Do you love to play punk music for guitar? Are you learning to play the guitar and want to strengthen your ability? This potent trick should allow you to play any punk song at speed you wish easily. From acoustic punk songs to punk rock music, you’ll be sure to find a song that suits […]

playing blues guitar

20 Beginner Blues Guitar Songs

Are you excited about learning how to play the guitar? Do you want to learn some guitar blues songs for beginners that’ll require a slight learning curve? Do you want a song to add to your repertoire that works well on the beginner level? If you’re like me, this list will give you many options […]

8 string guitar

5 Beginner Songs for 8 String Guitar

Are you looking for beginner guitar songs to play on your 8 string guitar? If you’re like most, these types of guitars are an exciting asset to the general guitar collection — and they’ve become prevalent. No more playing a guitar that has six strings. Instead, your 8-string guitar allows you to play chords and […]

playing four strings on guitar

5 4 String Guitar Songs for Beginners

Are you trying to learn how to play your favorite songs on the guitar? Do you want to learn how to play some of the songs you may have heard before? Or, maybe you want to play some simple songs on the guitar to add to your repertoire. Either way, I will show you how […]

playing guitar

5 2 String Guitar Songs for Beginners

Two-string songs are some of the easiest-to-play of all guitar songs. This makes these songs ideal for introducing new players to the guitar. Working your way up from two strings to four or six strings can help develop the discipline and fundamentals of guitar music. Most new guitar players will find that two-string songs are […]

3 string guitars

5 3 String Guitar Songs For Beginners

Are you new to the 3-string guitar? Are you looking for songs that are pretty easy to play? Here is a list of the best three-string guitar songs for beginners. Take a look at these easy two chord guitar songs for beginners too. Three String Beginner Guitar Songs Another One Bites The Dust – Queen […]