Best Fuzz Pedal For Humbuckers – Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle Review

Within your pedalboard you will find effects and pedals to give you that edge during your gig, or in your recording studio parlay. Some effects from the 80’s and 90’s are simply amazing, as they laid the foundation for the sound of modern rock music – especially with humbuckers. However, these had their own technical problems, and their price could be a bit high for the casual guitarist. Whether you are just starting our, or are already an experienced artist, one rule is to always go with a moderate budget, and make the best out of the tools you’ll be getting. One of these systems is the Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle, a product that will satisfy your musical needs. This is the spirit of the 90’s, revamped, cased and sold for everyone, everywhere.

Being a compact, tight and inside a metal aluminum case, it comes with a 9-volt battery slot and a 9-volt adapter input. It also has an in and out plug cable channel. This really can throw a punch. The Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle is very easy to use and is very small, yet robust for the kind of power it can unleash. It can roar like a beast, and the fuzz effect is virtually enthralling. One word to describe it is: remarkable. The pedal comes in a solid paint finish and has the button for pressing the pedal, a LED light that tells if it’s on and 2 big knobs, a little smaller one, and two tiny ones. The big knobs are the Loudness and Sustain, which represent the ability of distortion of the output amp from your input sound, and the latter is the amount of fuzz the pedal can deliver. The middle one, which is the Filter knob, works as an amp pass, which is basically tone. Scoop is one of the smallest knobs on the pedal, and works for the middle frequencies. Lastly, the next knob, to the right, is Crunch; and controls the amount of compression the fuzz effect has.

With these features, one can say after hearing the sound of this pedal, that this can truly deliver a great clean fuzz sound. While fixing the knob on the left (Loudness) it gives the amount of original sound being lost to the effect of the pedal. Now, if you want a certain amount of distortion, but desire a cleaner sound, one way to achieve this is to turn the knob on the right (Sustain) to a middle, just as the left one, and reduce the volume from the guitar, then a fuzz clean sound will be heard from the amp. This pedal can be great to use as an overdrive, as it delivers quite a punch on the lower gain settings. The Filter knob, if used on the high setting, can deliver a very pitchy sound to the amp. As you lower the settings on the knob, you will find that it turns bassy and kind of muffled. The more you move it, the dirtier or muffled it sounds. The Scoop knob while on, takes out the middle sound and brings a mishmash of the bass and treble, while the Crunch, at the lowest setting, compresses most the sound, and sound like an Octavia. The fuzz will open up as it is turned off.

This pedal is a delight to the ears for a reasonable price. It’s a great pedal for fuzz effect and for a great size. Its versatility makes it a wonderful addition to your pedalboard.