Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Review

For the lovers of a tight, thick and high-gain distortion, the Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion pedal yields to the expectation. It is a pedal that does not match any that is in existence, and all it does is to deliver a heavier and meaner distortion than any that closely matches to it. Not only is the pedal a USA make, but the following features denote its quality attribution:

Band Equalizer

One of the notable high-grade components of the pedal is its solid 3-bnd equalizer. People can easily find their own distinctive tone without peeking out the highs and lows. This feature gives this type of a pedal a mileage over other pedals. Whenever one thinks of scooping mid-range tones without any fuss, then this pedal comes in handy.

Voicing options

The Triple wreck has two distinct voices: hard and Brutal. The hard sets out to give a high gain that has a warmer thump while the brutal voice compliments with more sparkle and it gives a full audio spectrum that is more recent. It is all about having extra voicing options on a pedal.

Boost Switch

In efforts to give the Triple Wreck loads of gain, Wampler decided to put a boost switch. Through a control for boost contour blend, the pedal employs two options. One gets a preferred solo when the distortion multiplies, and when the boost is on and dialed to counter clockwise. It is an option that gives single pinch harmonics.

The other option comes in when one turns the counter clockwise. The resultant effect turns the pedal into a fuzzy monster where the sound equates to smashing pumpkins randomly. It is a fuzzy solo that comes when one peaks the equalizer.

High Gain Tone

When one scoops the mid-range tones, the high gain tone of the pedal kicks in to life. The Triple Wreck has a tendency to give an attitude-melting distortion that is fuzzy and brutal. The ability of the pedal to offer such options makes it iconic in the world of pedals.

Input and Output Jacks

The easy plugging in of jacks makes the pedal friendly. It is easy to identify the labeled jacks, and they are compatible with most of the jacks that the market offers. Jack plug in has never been this easy. It is also easy to identify the type of plug-in jacks that go with the Wreck pedal since they are visible.


One needs not worry about power interruption since the pedal can operate with a 9V battery. It also comes with a power jack that makes it ready for plug-in power connection. The pedal also can use a 23mA power source. This power level of the pedal stands as an energy-saver capability, but it does not compromise its high performance.

One of the notable benefits that comes with the power level of the Triple Wreck is the ability to daisy chain it with other pedals. The low consumption of power enables one to tag the pedal with one or two other pedals. Such a feature makes the pedal to play in a team.


The size of the pedal makes it small, yet with an amazing performance. The pedal measures 88.9mm x 114.3mm only. Not only does this size make the pedal quite portable, but it also makes the pedal accommodating in a team of several accompaniments.


The pedal boasts to have a series of advantages. To begin with, it is versatile. It means that the pedal plays well among other equipment. The pedal is also responsive. It can as well yield to the expectations of a user. The pedal has an excellent sound quality that makes it stand tall in comparison with other pedals. Triple Wreck is compact, which means that it has an ability to give multiple effects even if it appears small. It has a compressed nature that helps it to accommodate multiple effects, and produce them upon the request of a user.


According to the Musician’s friend review, the Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion pedal does not have any known cons. It means that the pedal comes as a value adding element that gives value for money to a user. This characteristic also defines the pedal as a plus-only equipment.