Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal Review

Pedals have always been a guitarist’s best friend when it comes to delivering quality and refined melodies. Since the inception of the electric guitar, innovators have devised ways to bring the best out of these magical instruments. The Wampler Sovereign Distortion pedal is one example that is readily available and has been designed to occupy a certain niche in the world of pedal effects.

Origin of the pedal

This distortion pedal is created and designed by Brian Wampler, a renowned overdrive effects pedal producer. Wampler upon coming up with the pedal decided to name it the Sovereign and so far it has lived up to its reputation. The pedal is built and produced in the United States but is readily available online. Brian Wampler had produced a number of distortion pedals before the sovereign and this included the Plexi series, ubiquitous pinnacle and the SLOstortion. The sovereign distortion pedal was not created to replace the original distortion products but was designed to offer guitarists the freedom and versatility not found in the preceding pedals.

Key design elements

This particular pedal has a distinct design that is easily recognizable and features the name sovereign distortion on its top. This pedal is finished in high quality material and sports four utility white knobs on its front. It has high quality components that are assembled to deliver superior sound and response. It has a relay true bypass with a soft switch that can be tuned on and off. The top also included two mounted output and input jacks. On the inside it sports a beefy battery that can be charged via a high input power jack. The tweak able EQ as well as the advanced gain structure enable it to deliver an amazing array of sounds. Due to its compact design, the dimensions of the pedal are sited to enable portability.


The versatility of this pedal allows it to be successfully applied in number of music genres such as blues, fusion jazz and rock. This flexibility has allowed it to be relied upon by many artists especially those who perform specialize in two or more music genres. The pedal is at home both in the studio and in a stage performance setting. The sovereign has a mid control that is synonymous with other famous Wampler pedals such as the Plexi but it is refined, less fussy and has an expressive sweep. This pedal enables your electric guitar to seamlessly blend in with other instruments such as drums. The smooth and clean output of this pedal can be achieved by a simple flick of the toggle further highlighting the ease of use.

What makes the pedal special

The Sovereign pedal by Brian Wampler is widely regarded as one of the best distortion pedals available for guitar enthusiasts. The reason behind this glorious reputation can be traced down to its consistent performance and quality output. A key selling point for this pedal is the quick response made possible by its high touch sensitivity. It also delivers a wide range of tones and can also replicate the high quality produced by other high end pricey pedals in the market. The killer tones produced by this pedal are enough to wow both the traditional guitarists as well as upcoming artists. It has proven to be a versatile pedal due to its ability to easily work with a wide range of other accessories in the market.


The pedal effects market is littered with a wide variety of pedals, each intending to replicate a unique effect. However, few pedals have a reputation, such as the one possessed by the Wampler sovereign distortion. Being a recent and modern pedal it boasts a blend of both traditional and innovative effects. This has made it an attractive option to most artists. Though it has a few downsides such as the need to crank the gain, the benefits of owning this pedal far outweigh the downsides.