TC Electronic Vortex Flanger Pedal Review

Are you looking for a quality effects pedal for a flanger guitar? Do you want to buy an innovative effects pedal? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider the TC Vortex flanger pedal. A lot of newbie and professional guitarists are buying this pedal to play amazing tunes. The pedal comes with a series of exceptional features to enhance tunes and music. If you want more information about the product, read this TC Electronic Vortex flanger pedal review.

Overview of the Vortex pedal

Denmark’s TC electronic is a legend of effects pedals. In the past few years, the brand has launched a series of effects pedals to suit the varying needs of guitarists of all levels. The latest addition, Vortex flanger pedal, is yet another innovative creation of the brand.

The Vortex pedal is a compact model that can run from a DC adaptor or a 9V battery. Despite being compact, the pedal has better longevity to serve you longer. The battery can be accessed by removing the base-plate of the pedal via a large chromed knurled screw that requires a screwdriver or coin to loosen it.

Inside, you will find a pair of DIP switches. One switch selects a quality buffer instead of the default true bypass switching mode. It is helpful when the pedal is at the start or end of a long chain. The other switch offers dry kill for effect only, when the effects pedal is used in an amp’s FX loop.

The default set is meant for analogue dry through signal. The dry part of the signal is not converted. It passes through the pedal all times even when the effect is in active mode.


The pedal has four knobs (to control speed, feedback, depth and delay time), plus selectable effects variations and a three-way switch. The brand took utmost care in designing the pedal to ensure that the product is really easy, fast and intuitive to use, with the possibility to change sounds quickly with a few knob tweaks. TC Vortex also comes with an option to allow easy access to various alternative sounds to overcome the core, basic tonality that features in any stomp box.

This particular feature is known as TonePrint. The pedal has a USB connection that lets you import a new sound or a custom tuning from your computer and store it in a special onboard memory. Besides the TonePrint settings, the Vortex pedal provides two types of flanging – a standard flanger and a tape flanging emulation.


TC Vortex is a flexible flanger with an array of potential variations from controls. The feedback knob is a special mention in this respect, which provides available amounts of negative as well as positive feedback. It offers a range of flanging sounds in its standard mode including obvious sweeping sounds and metallic tonalities.

You will find a tape option that is more interesting in dishing up less common sounds, especially when the sound disappears completely during phase cancellation at the zero point. The tape option is capable of creating strange tremolo style effects. Such an option is hardly present in other effects pedals.

The Vortex is an excellent effects pedal. It is priced sensibly to fit the budget of all types of guitarists and music enthusiasts. The pedal is a great value even without the TonePrint feature, but it is the TonePrint feature that really sets the Vortex apart from other pedals in the market.

TC has introduced something that other compact pedals don’t possess – this pedal is updatable effectively. The TonePrint sounds that come straight from the box provide a useful and finely programmed variation on the named effect. With so many versatile features, the pedal is a must have for anyone with a flanger guitar.

Bottom line

Thus, it gets pretty clear from the above TC electronic Vortex flanger pedal review why this effects pedal is an ideal fit for a flanger guitar. Better build, innovative sound effects, longevity and reasonable pricing are some of the perks of buying TC Vortex. This is why more and more guitarists are buying this cutting edge effects pedal. If you want to take your music creation to a new level, try TC Vortex and you are on your way to creating top class tunes to drive the world crazy.