Super Easy (And Cheap!) Ways To Improve Your Guitar Tone!

** WARNING! These should be obvious – Funny thing is, a lot of guitarists sometimes overlook these simple things! Not sure if it is just due to laziness, don’t care or just never learned! This may be a bit of a beginner post but you would be surprised on how many advanced players don’t take advantage of some of these things!

There are a number of different ways to tweak out your guitar tone but some of the cheapest ways are probably the most obvious:

1. Change Your Dang Strings!

Play your guitar right now without plugging it in. How do the strings sound – a little on the dead side? Lacking that clarity that they had when you first put them on? How long since you changed those strings? You probably already know how to change your strings but for people just starting, here is a great tutorial:

If you are like me, you dread the task of changing your guitar strings – I hate doing it but the effect on your tone is well worth the headache. Luckily, I have done a few things with my guitars to make it a bit faster and easier – installing locking tuners (Fender style, Gibson style), for example, made it much faster since you no longer have to wind your strings around the post. Just feed it in the hole and tighten it down! I also have a Planet Waves Pro Winder that not only does that initial wind very quickly, it also has a built in cutter to cut off the access.

2. Get Your Amp Off The Floor


Let your bass player’s tone hang out at the floor! You’d be surprised with the change in sound you get by something as simple as positioning your amp correctly. I don’t think that I could play without one now! A good amp stand does wonders and helps get your guitar heard – especially if you are jamming with a band and prefer smaller guitar amps. Makes working with the controls a lot easier too!

3. Setting Up Your Guitar Properly

I have to admit, I was playing guitar for about 15 years before I learned how to properly set up a guitar. Learning a valuable skill like this can make your guitar play completely amazing and sound a lot better too! All you should need is a screwdriver, ruler (I use this one specifically for the job), allen keys, and a tuner.

4. Tune Your Guitar Properly

Guitars need to be constantly kept in tune so you should tune up at least every time you pick up your guitar and checked occasionally to make sure everything is still a-ok. Personally, I keep a guitar tuner pedal in my signal chain which makes it as easy as stepping on it, tuning and stepping on it again – right there and ready to use at any time! A clip on guitar tuner (get a FREE one – click here!) can be a good option as well – a lot cheaper too!

Finally, you can also consider getting a guitar teacher near you by clicking here to bring your playing to the next level.