Red Witch Fuzz God II Review

The Red Witch Fuzz God II is the next generation Fuzz pedal from the Red Witch Fuzz God version. The creator of this Fuzz Pedal is Red Witch Analog Ltd. This companies headquartered in New Zealand, producing analog guitar effects pedals. Ben Fulton, found and creator of the company is dedicated to making unique pedals not copies. The Red Witch brand quickly became popular in the United States, capturing the attention of legends like Andy Summers of The Police.

The Fuzz God II can create the traditional fuzz pedal tones to the outrageous sounds produced by heavy metal bands. The sputter control determines how edgy or smooth you want your guitar sounds. It features a 9V battery. True bypass switching, a wrath control for those heavy sounds, standard mode for traditional fuzz, a sputter control for fuzz tone, and analog fuzz using BC109c transistors. The current draw is 2 MA, weight 385 grams. The dimensions are 118 mm x 38 mm x 94 mm. It covers the full range of traditional sounds and the extremes of the heavy metal, grunge or stoner sounds.

The volume control, controls the output volume. The fuzz button gives you that traditional fuzz sound. The wrath button, sounds like thunder just by pressing the foot switch. The sputter switch channels your singing fuzz or the god of war, by the click of a switch. The awaken mode is a bypass switch to create the full fuzz god effects. The lightning bolt foot switch is why is called the Fuzz god with amazing oscillation and octavization effects. The lightning toggle switch boosts your gain, while the ear toggle switch boosts your treble. The internal trim spot adjusts the master bias for the transistors.

Lining up the knobs is a must because of the interaction between the sounds. This unit is the only unit with the ability to bring the wrath of the gods down on your fans. It is a blend of your music and Red Witch technology creating sensual chaotic madness not seen in other Fuzz Pedals. The Fuzz God II is a system found on many famous pedal boards, such as, The Edge, Monte Pittman, Peter Stroud and the Arctic Monkeys.  It is great for doom bands, alternative rock, or for anyone who wants a silicon fuzz. If you like the sound of a dying battery then the sputter knob is for you. It is a versatile machine, that lets you control the sounds you want to hear, with just a small twist of the knobs. If you are looking to create a multitude of sounds, give this unit a try.

The reviews on this machine have Red Witch leading by a mile over most other machines. The unit works well with both active and passives basses. The adjustments are very sensitive as even the smallest of movements can make a dramatic difference in the sound. It may take a few tries to find the sweet spots for the sound you wish to create. With Fuzz God II you are paying for the quality of tones over moderate levels of distortion. Producing clean fuzz sounds and generating just a small amount of background noise. You can enjoy playing, without worrying about feedback. The major complaint it seems is that the writing wears off. The Red Witch Fuzz God II is still in production. You can purchase it directly from Red Witch, or from your local guitar shop. The purchase price is between 150. To 250.