ProCo RAT Distortion Review

The ProCo RAT is a special effects pedal that is produced by ProCo sound. The original version of this pedal was first developed four decades ago. It was developed in order to fix the distortion problems that were common in pedals at the time. The RAT was initially developed as a custom order product, where guitarists could customize their product to their liking, though key elements of the pedal remained intact. Despite the custom order options, various models of the RAT distortion pedal have been developed over the years. Common versions of this pedal include the RAT2, TURBO RAT and Deuce tone RAT.

Key design elements

The appearance of the RAT has changed over time but its tone has remained largely unaltered. The RAT is a distortion pedal that is based on a simple circuit system. The circuit has four main components. At the top, it features three knobs. They are the distortion knob, the filter knob and the volume knob. The middle houses a power supply knob that turns the power supply on or off. The pedal also features an easy access battery compartment that is supplemented by an efficient power adapter. It also features a True Bypass switch for bypassing the circuitry when the pedal is disengaged.

Usage and modifications

While in use the distortion knob is tuned to adjust the overall gain level while the filter knob is applied to roll off brittle high end frequencies to achieve a darker tone. In a bid to improve musical experience, a number of modifications can be made to your RAT pedal to boost quality of output and ease of use. Notable improvements include the use of diode lifts, which boost the volume resulting in crunchier tones, and capacitor modes, which minimize tonal variation. There are numerous variations of diodes that can be features inside the RAT distortion pedal. The diodes can be made out of silicon, as is the case of the RAT2 or red LED clipping diodes as in the Turbo RAT. These diodes are responsible for producing distortion by shorting the power output at certain levels of voltage.

Factors that make it unique

The Distortion pedal is considered a legendary pedal due to its popularity among a host of high profile artists. This has been part of the reason as to why this pedal has remained in the market for such a long time. It covers a wide range of overdrive to distortion sounds, that have largely remained unique since the original versions despite the presence of countless imitations of the product in the market. Even at the highest distortion settings, the output from this pedal remains tight and refined. The ease of usability is also a key reason behind the success of this pedal over the years.


The legacy created by this pedal is likely to carry on in future. It has become a favorite of many traditional guitarists as well as innovative guitarists due to its unique quality. It guarantees to offer a good favor of distortion, whether you are using it in studio or for a stage performance. The great attention to detail, unrivaled distortion effects coupled by its versatility have made it the benchmark against which other pedals are evaluated. For those guitar enthusiasts who are seeking the best guitar distortion effects, then the ProCo RAT Distortion pedal is worth a try. You will certainly enjoy the new experience.