Do You Know How To Do A Proper Guitar Set Up?

I had been playing guitar for almost 20 years before I really sat down and figured out everything I needed to know in doing a proper guitar set up.  Intonation, neck and truss rod adjustments, setting up the action on the fingerboard, trem set up and all that stuff.  I always just took my guitars into the local shop and had it done for me.

That’s all fine and good but after 19 years, I figured that it was time.

The first thing I did was did some looking into what tools and supplies I would need to get started.  I settled on the Gigmate Guitar Tool Kit because it was not only fairly reasonable priced at less than $30, it had all the tools I would need, but it had some great reviews too!  It also has this cool “Trem Poker” tool to help get strings out of your trem when/if they get stuck while changing strings (i don’t know about you but I have had problems where the ball end of a string gets stuck in there and can be a pain to get free – this tool is great for this!)

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The next thing I needed were some gauges.  This is what I picked up:

1. String action gauge:   Estone String Action Gauge Ruler Guide Setup Guitar Measuring Fork Bass Luthier Tool

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2. Radius Gauges (set of 9):

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3. Guitar Neck Straight Edge

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One thing that I haven’t purchased yet but it is on my list is a mat for doing the work – one of the ones that holds that guitars neck up so that it is easy to work on:

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But this Planet Waves Guitar Headstand, which is just a prop for your neck is a helluva lot cheaper so I might go with it instead:

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Finally, I had to teach myself how to actually do it. Well, I did some searching online looking for free resources and there are some good ones out there. However, I wanted something that offered a little more. I ended up finding the Learn & Master Guitar Setup And Maintenance 3-Dvd Set which ended up being a little pricey but definitely worth it considering it is going to cost you about the same amount just to get your set up done at your local shop.

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This Kid Can Shred! Cover of Racer X “Scarified”

An eight your old from Japan that goes by the name of Li-sa-X has a sweet video that is making the rounds over the internet today. Take a look!

Is This The Holy Grail Of Guitars?

I read an article earlier today talking about a very rare Martin OM-45 guitar that is coming up for auction at Guernsey’s Auctions.

I took a look at the auction page and I have to say that there are some interesting guitars there including many old Gibsons, Martins, and more.

John Frusciante’s Gear – A Lot More Than I Expected!

I recently came across a recent article on Premier Guitar that interviews John Frusciante. Excellent interview but it also gives quite a list of his current gear. HNGD has decided to get a bit more indepth and give you all a run down of this gear.

Take a listen to one of his most recent video releases:

The Guitars.

Take a look at the guitars that John uses and some demos on Youtube for them. Only one Strat? Interesting!

1. Yamaha SG2000s

2. Yamaha SG1500s

3. Ibanez Artist

4. Fender Bass VI

5. ’62 Sunburst Stratocaster

The Amp.

Marshall Jubilee

Other Effects and Gear. Some cool electro stuff here that I didn’t expect.

1. Roland MC-202
2. Roland 100-M
3. Roland TR-606
4. Roland GR-500
5. Roland GR-300
6. Tap Audio modular synthesizer
7. Synton Fenix modular synthesizer
8. Elektron Monomachine
9. Various vintage drum machines
10. Four Mackie mixers
11. Neve console
12. Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress flanger/chorus
13. Pyramid light-guage strings
14. Dunlop Tortex picks .60 mm

Acoustic Stream – So Cool! Do Everything With Your Guitar With No Wires

This is probably the coolest guitar/recording product I have seen in a long time. It can record, tune, wireless connect to your amp as well as detect humidity of the environment your guitar is in. And it is all tied to your smartphone!


They currently are working on getting funding to manufacture and distribute the device – at the time of the writing, it was at close to half of their goal. Take a look at the demo video they have on Kickstarter.

What I think is quite innovative is the way that it is designed to react based on tapping your guitar or other instrument. Can’t wait to try it out! Go to their Kickstarter project to help out!