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The New Gibson Firebird X

By on November 9, 2012
2009 Gibson Firebird

2009 Gibson FirebirdTime is counting down until the launch of the Gibson Firebird X on December 11. Representing a revolution in guitar technology, it has the classic Firebird body shape, but a dazzling array of onboard electronics.

The chambered body is made to be an light, easy playing guitar, but made with the finest, most luxurious materials available. Featuring hand picked swamp Ash with a hand applied finish, it weighs only a little over six pounds but the resonant chambers enhance sustain for tone like a heavier guitar. The rock maple neck is thin for faster positioning and topped with a gorgeous, slightly burnt maple looking, fingerboard made from very smooth and durable Angelim Rajado. The fingerboard has fretless wonder frets and a low profile highlighting the high polish of the Angelim Rajado a FSC certified Precious wood from Brazil. Construction and materials of this guitar are exactly what can be expected from the Gibson guitar company.

What really sets Gibson’s Firebird X apart is the wide array on digital effects packed into the instrument itself. The electronics represent a revolution in the electric guitar industry. The guitar carries an on board audio processor that digitally creates a genuinely analog sound. The mini humbucker pickups combine with the audio controller to create over 2,000 pickup combinations and allow production of any sound from clean acoustic to completely processed and overdriven. For even more input control, the toggle switches have a rotating shaft so almost any sound can be created from the guitar itself without the use of any inline effects. Fourth generation Robo-Tuners keep the guitar perfectly in tune and can automatically change into an alternate tuning.

The package also includes footpedals featuring Bluetooth communication, a solid state SD card based recorder and computer interface, effects and recording software. As revolutionary as the Gibson Firebird X is, demand will be huge especially considering only 1,800 will be produced.

photo by: Freebird_71

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  1. Flick Meatwood

    November 17, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    Anymore I’d almost be embarrassed to say I own a Gibson.

  2. Huh

    December 3, 2010 at 3:34 am

    Well….I guess it’s better than guitar queero.

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