MXR M78 Custom Badass ’78 Distortion Pedal Review

Are you searching for a quality distortion pedal for your guitar? If yes, you should go for highly rated brands that offer top of the line distortion pedals for producing amazing sounds. While you will find a number of brands dedicated to providing quality pedals, very few of them match the likings of top guitar players. If you are unsure which brand to choose, consider the MXR M78 custom Badass ’78 distortion pedal. The following review will give you a brief idea why this pedal is the best one for your guitar.


MXR has always been on a retro roll. The company’s custom shop has remodeled most of the pedals to include some of the fantastic features in the M78 model. With the looks of a compact muscle car, the M78 is housed in the classy MXR casing with a deep jewel red metal finish. The obvious controls are pretty standard – output, distortion and tone. You will also find a Crunch button, which is one of the key features of this Badass pedal.

Another addition to this killer distortion pedal is the balance for providing a heavier bottom end that is actually not too squashed. Other exclusivity of the pedal includes highs that don’t cut your head and warmer spiky mid sounds. The ’78 nails this balance perfectly, and the results are defined and thick distortion.


The MXR M78 is a robust model that allows guitarists of all levels to produce sounds of their likings and preferences. Whether you use the guitar occasionally or have a daily stage show, the pedal will live up to your expectations and produce amazing sounds as you like. In simple words, the distortion pedal is built to stand the testing of time.

Maintaining and cleaning the unit is not an issue. The company has built a smooth pedal that is easy to clean and maintain. As far as cleaning is concerned, a simple damp cloth is enough to clear off debris and dirt that might get collected while you are performing with your guitar.

Also, the look of the model is enticing enough to capture the attention of any guitar enthusiast. Nested in a classic casing with a red metallic finish, the unit easily catches the attention of all. This is one of the key reasons for the growing popularity of the unit.


The M78 has a really aggressive voice at even levels. At the highest settings, the control of the distortion is fun and hairy — promoting a musical feedback that was a blast to control with the volume knob of Les Paul. Despite being aggressive, sustain of the unit is easily controllable and filled with harmonic texture. You can back down the distortion while engaging the Crunch switch to thicken everything without actually getting anything muddy.

The distortion is well known for generating aggressive sounds. However, it is easy to define lower notes even at high volumes. This is one of the most striking features of the pedal that is hard to find in its counterparts.

Complete with four cables and a hot-rodded classic circuit, the pedal delivers soaring leads and saturated rhythms to fit your tonal range. With minimal tweaks, it is possible to create harmonic content of distortion using the Crunch button. As such, it is an ideal choice of guitarists who wish to create both highs and lows discreetly.

The best thing about this cutting edge distortion pedal is its modest price. Unlike most other pedals that come with a higher price tag, the M78 is modestly priced to fit the wallet of all types of guitar players and enthusiasts. In exchange for a minimal amount, you get a unit that is durable enough to produce some of the best songs for years.

Bottom line

A right distortion pedal can make a major difference between good sounds and great sounds. Although the market is flooded with various quality pedals, selecting the right one is imperative for your guitar. If you don’t know what kind of distortion pedal to choose, think about buying the MXR M78 custom Badass ’78 distortion pedal. With amazing features outlined above, there is no reason why you should not have this distortion pedal for creating innovative sound effects.