MXR M152 Micro Flanger Review

If you want to buy an affordable classic guitar pedal, the MXR M152 Micro Flanger is your best bet.  Although it is smaller, it has similar effects from older version, MXR M117 Flanger.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

The flanger has similar critical controls as the older version. These include the Speed knob to control its rate cycle and the Regeneration knob for overall sound intensity control. Just like the MXR M117 flanger, it has 100{2f5ce166b40c8f5a5149b56510b888800e2b9ab4ef1e1f754ad9c9f2ede28fc3} analog brigade technology that produces an organic tone. The bypass switch is a good upgrade to the guitar pedal. It allows the player to go from lower to higher tones without sounding like they are playing disjointed tunes. This makes it so much easier to experiment with more creative transitions. The pedal’s true bypass switch comes with an indicator that you could use to check if the pedal is on or if you need to change the battery. It also has switch knobs as well as a foot switch that will allow you to operate the bypass continuously.  What’s more, you can power it using a 9V battery, MC403 Power system or a Dunlop DC810DC brick.

Produces Good Quality Sound

You can use different settings on the guitar pedal to achieve a variety of effects for several genres. Compared with other flangers in the series, this guitar pedal produces a chimey sound. If you pair it with distortion, it will sound great. If you get over the chimey sound, you will notice a rich and warm sound overall. It produces a range of sound that covers what a typical musician would need and is compatible with a variety of guitars. Whether you want to play before a live audience or produce a recorded version, the pedal will produce the right sound for it.

The Guitar Pedal Is Quite Easy To Use

You will fall in love the simplicity. It has a simple make up with basic flanger parameters including two rate and regeneration knobs that produce a variety of tones. If you have used a guitar pedal before, you will immediately know what to do. Even learners have an easy time as the general configuration is quite simple. You only need to control the speed and regeneration; everything else has been set to produce the right sound. Whether you need floating sounds or buzzing modulations, you can quickly adjust the flanger to get it. You will also be able to quickly and easily edit the sounds. If you experience any problems you could refer to the manual which is clear and has examples of sounds. Simply plug in and enjoy legendary sounds.

The Guitar Pedal Lasts Forever

It is strong enough to withstand frequent usage without falling apart. You do not need any back up pedal as you can stamp on it every day without problems. It seems to have been designed for heavy usage. In addition, the pedal comes in an attractive, sturdy, and strong metal case to keep the insides of the flanger safe. There is also an option to get covers for the knobs to offer them extra protection. Unless someone tries to intentionally damage it, the pedal will last for a very long time.


If you have accidentally broken your gear, there’s no need to worry. The product comes with a warranty incase of pedal breakdowns or damage resulting from handling or failures. The Musicians Gold Coverage warranty covers the product for five years after purchase and costs very little. They will repair or replace the pedal in cases of unintentional drops, wear and tear, power surges and dust and malfunction caused by internal heat or humidity.


Any musician will be satisfied with this Flanger. It has a lot to offer in terms of class and musicality. I would recommend this to everyone, even those on a tight budget as it performs well and is very durable. It can be used when playing at events, at live appearances, in your home studio and for amateur or professional recording.