MXR Fullbore Metal Pedal Review

A shift to contemporary metal tones of a guitar calls for a special pedal. The MXR Fullbore Metal pedal prides in offering such an effect coupled with the most devastating feeling. The ultra high gains that the pedal yields transform guitar signals using a turbocharging distortion. The pedal also knocks off noise that extreme gain levels produce.

The pedal hosts features that add definition as well as tightness to metal riffs. The pedal features some special attributes, such as built-in noise gates, extensive EQ controls, and a series of other features that make the Fullbore pedal special. This is how it works:


The pedal features a distortion that has a super high-gain effect. The gain transforms guitar signal using ultra-high gains, and the resultant effect is amazing. The signals become syncopated metal riffs that bear a great distinction from the normal ones. It is all about bringing a transformation that defies norm.

3-Band EQ

The Fullbore pedal has a 3-band EQ that enables one to sweep from one mid-range to the other with a lot of ease. There is no reason why one cannot imitate popular tunes, or come up with own preference while still maintaining the turbo effect. The wide array of options makes the pedal fun to have.

With the knobs that enable one to switch to bass, mid, mid-frequency and treble, the pedal offers its self as a friend. It has the capacity to bend to the whims of a user depending on the prevailing mood. The pedal generally dances to the tune of a user.

Noise gate

Gone are the days when extreme gain levels came with unwanted noise. The Fullbore pedal ensures that clarity prevails during the extremes. It becomes possible to reach at those heights and still get the expected tones with clarity. It is such an inconvenience to get an induced limitation when the heart calls for high gains that are extreme.

Scoop switch

The Fullbore pedal packs with benefits that elevate effects to untold levels. Not only does it feature the EQ band, but it has a scoop switch that acts as a booster to the highs and lows when the EQ is still active. This feature takes a high or a low notch higher.

With the scoop switch, the highs and lows are at the mercy of the pedal user. It enables the attainment of frequency boost that rumbles the room without an oversight on clarity. There is absolutely no straining when appreciating the highs and lows.

Bypass with LED

The Fullbore pedal features a true hard-wire bypass that comes with an LED. A lit LED indicator denotes that the bypass is active while a deactivated bypass keeps the LED indicator off. The indicator knocks off any assumption on the functionality of the bypass.


Users find the pedal as a small unit with an incredible performance. Among the notable specifications, the pedal produces 70dB and 85dB when the noise gate is on and off respectively during a signal to noise control.

Pros and Cons

The Guitar Center reviews places a series of pros on the Fullbore pedal. It asserts that the users passed the pedal for its excellent quality. It means that the pedal guarantees quality and it yields to the expectations of a user. The pedal also stands as responsive and versatile. Also, the pedal boasts of being compact and having a selection of effects that are good.

Notably, the pedal does not display any cons. The users have all along experienced efficiency. Subsequently, the pedal proves as a value for money and equipment that exhibits high quality.

Best uses

The pedal befits an array of uses. To begin with, a user can have it for stage performances. It shows that the pedal qualifies to have a live audience that can enjoy every beat that it facilitates. The pedal also suits a home studio. Whimsical beats using the pedal do not disappoint personal consumption.


Lastly, the MXR Fullbore Metal pedal applies in professional recording. It has beaten all odds to become a mark of excellence that professional music makers appreciate. That said, the Fullbore pedal has its own special niche in the music industry. It brings about a lot of difference in music production.