MXR EVH117 Flanger Pedal Review

Have you always wanted to bring that Van Halen signature Flanger to your guitar sounds? If yes, then the MXR EVH117 is the missing piece on your pedal board. This pedal review lets you in on the tips and tricks used by Eddie himself in all his iconic guitar performances.


The first MXR flanger was manufactured in the late 70s. Later on, Jim Dunlop bought the MXR Innovations Company from Terry Sherwood and Keith Barr. Dunlop continued production of the original analog flangers.  He also borrowed from the old technology to create a new lineup of guitar pedals. This led to the birth of signature Flangers like the Van Halen Phase 90 and The MXR Flanger.

The MXR EVH117 Flanger pedal is a recent collaboration between Dunlop and Edward Van Halen and it is designed to give an authentic EVH tone by the simple tap of a foot. What’s more, the  pedal comes preloaded with tone presets from famous Van Halen Hits like ‘And the Cradle Will Rock’.


It features four main controls: Manual, Width, Speed, and Regeneration controls. All four controls each have a specific function to build up variations of the EVH tone.

The manual knob regulates the intensity of phase shifting on the stomp box. The Width Knob varies the intensity of time delay occurring on the Speed knob. The Speed Knob, on the other hand, varies the speed of time delay.

Finally, the Regeneration knob varies intensity of every effect produced by the pedal. To set all these actions in motion is a footswitch that toggles between effects. A blue LED button lights up indicating a switch between tone effects.

It has an input impedance of 470 k? and an output impedance of 1 k?. The signal to noise ratio is measured as >98 dB while noise reduction ratio is 2:1. Maximum delay is somewhere in the region of 12.8ms and a rate range of 0.1-10 Hz.

The pedal is powered in two ways: either by 9v batteries or plugged in to a power outlet. The current draw on the guitar Flanger pedal is 35mA.

The outer cover of the pedal is constructed from a die cast housing. This not only ensure the unit is durable but also protects it from damage, especially with the constant stepping that happens during all stage performances.


  • The pedal is easy to use giving the guitarist great control on their flanging sweep
  • Die cast housing for durability
  • Creates great sounds characteristic of the old analog Flangers
  • Comes preloaded with tone presets from Edward Van Halen
  • Painted with the signature Edward Van Halen striped graphics


  • A bit pricier compared to other MXR Flanger pedal

The EVH117 comes in the signature striped look that was iconic on all Edward Van Halen guitars. The entire guitar pedal is made from a die casing to ensure it is damage-proof and will last for years. For the first time, it is possible to play by the touch of a button.


The MXR EVH117 Flanger Pedal gives you a chance to recreate classic analog flangers by the legendary Van Halen. The guitar pedal comes ready with a few samples to incorporate into your daily guitar playing. This pedal produces crisp tone effects, and is a perfect addition to your pedal board.