Must Have Guitar Accessories (Most Under $10!)

These are some of my picks for the best guitar accessories that you absolutely should have!

planetwavesprowinderPlanet Waves Pro Winder String Winder and Cutter – it winds, it cuts, what else can you ask for!  This is probably one of my favorite things.  I used to use one of those cheap plastic string winders which work fine but I would always get lazy at the end and not go to get some wire cutters to get rid of the part of the strings that you don’t need.  This has it all in one place!

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planetwavesheadstandPlanet Waves Guitar Headstand – to go along with your new string winder, this handy little stand helps position your guitar while changing you strings, won’t damage your guitar and folds up to fit in your guitar case.

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DAddarioNSMicroclip-OnTunerTuner – tuners continue to get a little better and cheaper too!  This one clips right on your headstock and also has a metronome feature.  Now, I actually use this just for the metronome because I have a tuner pedal in my pedal chain – but it is still an excellent tuner and love the metronome for practicing.

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PlanetWavesMicrofiberPolishClothPlanet Waves Microfiber Polish Cloth – I always try to remember to give my guitar strings a quick wipe down after a practice session in order to keep them clean and help them last a bit longer.  Microfiber is my favorite way to go for this and this cloth is perfect for this!

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DunlopDualDesignStraplokSystemDunlop Dual Design Straplok System – (ok, there are actually $11, sorry).  Ever had a guitar strapped on and all of a sudden, it just gives way and the guitar drops on the ground.  Horrible!  I once saw a friend of mine drop a guitar this way at the top of a set of stairs.  The guitar (a brand new Heritage Les Paul copy) fell down the entire flight of steps…..broken neck.  Awful day!

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SignstekFA-10PSignstek FA-10P Adjustable Extendable Finger Hand Exerciser – I guess that this would be more of a guitarist accessory!  Great little hand/finger exerciser.  Stick it in your deck or car whenever you want to use it!  It even has adjustable tensions!

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ErnieBallWonderWipesErnie Ball Wonder Wipes – Another great way to keep your guitar polished, strings clean and fretboard conditioned – all in one inexpensive package!

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