Ibanez Tube Screamer Review

Are you searching for an overdrive pedal for an electric guitar that will help you to create warmer tones? If yes, consider the Ibanez Tube Screamer. This effects pedal has a mid-boosted tone popular among rock players and blues. Countless guitarists have been using the legendary Tube Screamer for creating their signature sound. It is one of the most widely copied, successful overdrive pedals ever created. If you are still doubtful about its features and built, read the below review to get a brief idea about this popular effects pedal.


The original Tube Screamer was launched in 1979. It had the JRC 4558D chip (tone geek’s favorite chip) nestled inside. Since then the body and built of the screamer have been remodeled several times depending on the needs and preferences of guitar professionals and demand of the pedal. However, you should pick the original or reissue TS808 and/or TS9 to get that classic tonal range of the original screamer.

The Tube Screamer has a tone knob, a drive knob and a level knob. The tone knob is meant for adjusting treble, whereas the drive knob makes adjustments for gain. The output volume of the effects pedal is adjusted by the level knob. The pedal is actually used to imitate the sound of a traditional tube amplifier. It is the tube amplifier sound that was hyped in the 70s that led to the creation of this warm pedal.

The classy Tube Screamer sound features a mid-hump. It implies that the circuit accentuates frequencies between treble ranges (medium frequencies) and the bass. Some guitar players prefer this kind of equalization as it allows them to retain their sound in the midst of the overall mix of the band.


A Tube Screamer performs at its best by pushing the front end of the valve pump. Every guitarist has to experience the effects of the stomp-box’s medium range punch on a set of sizzling valves. The screamer is not really a high gain pedal. On the contrary, it is a warm, low gain pedal for producing cool and calming sounds. In spite of this, you can generate some high tonal range with the screamer.

As a guitar player, you will appreciate how well the screamer maintains the tonal integrity of the guitar when generating warmer heart-touching sounds. It is the tonal transparency that makes this pedal hyped and popular among guitar professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you are a big fan of Ibanez or a professional player, the Tube Screamer is an ideal choice for creating warm sounds. Above all, it is made by a trusted Japanese company Nisshin that has been creating quality pedals for years.


Although the Tube Screamer is ideal for creating colder tones, it will last longer if used effectively. The body of the screamer is well crafted and polished to entice potential buyers and guitar enthusiasts. This holds true for electric guitar players who are looking for a warm effects pedal to create low and mid range tones.

With proper usage and care, you could enjoy the services of the pedal for years. Also, maintaining the pedal is not an issue. You can retain the sheen and shine of the pedal with little attention. A simple damp piece of cloth is enough to clear off dust and dirt that might get collected on the pedal over time.

As far as pricing is concerned, the signature Tube Screamer is priced modestly. It is neither too cheap, nor too pricey. As such, it fits perfectly in the budget range of guitarists of all levels. In exchange for a modest price, you can own the signature pedal of Ibanez for creating warm and mid-range sounds. Even if you are not a big fan of Ibanez, the Tube Screamer is a great choice for the tonal range you are actually looking for.

Bottom line

Choosing a suitable distortion pedal is imperative for creating warm tones with an electric guitar. While the pedal market is filled with a range of effects pedals to meet your varying needs, you ought to consider a lot of factors including the guitar you use as well as the tones you want to generate with the overdrive pedal. If you are really enthusiastic about producing some of the best warm tones, consider the Ibanez Tube Screamer. For a modest investment, the pedal will give a good value for your money and allow you to produce fine tones ever created.