Getting Rid Of That Dreaded Fret Buzz

We have all gone through it from time to time – it drives me crazy! sure, you can just crank your amp up and get rid of it by drowning it out but it’s still there! I came across a great video that goes into extreme detail on how to fix your fret buzz.

What you need:

What Causes Fret Buzz?


The video below does an excellent job at explaining it but basically when a string is picked, it vibrates in an eliptical pattern. If the string is played hard enough to cause the elipse to hit a fret or if a fret is higher than others, it will buzz. There’s a lot more to it than what I just explained but the video goes into a lot of detail if you are interested.

Checking Which Fret Is The Problem:


Basically, you just need to play each note on the guitar on each string to find any buzzes on your guitar.

Working on your frets:


Take a look at the entire video: