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Eventide PitchFactor Harmonizer Pedal Review – Part 1 Unboxing

By on September 4, 2012

I recently had the joy of coming home to a new piece of gear sitting on my doorstep, an Eventide PitchFactor pedal. You have to love new gear days. I quickly ran inside and scrambled to get the box open. Upon opening the box, I revealed the following:

– the Eventide Pitchfactor pedal
– a power supply (no batteries!)
– owners manual
– three cardboard quick reference cards

Eventide PitchFactor Top

Check price and availability:
Guitar Center | Musician’s Friend | zZounds

Eventide PitchFactor Back

Features (as shown on their website at http://eventide.com/AudioDivision/Products/StompBoxes/PitchFactor.aspx)

* 10 of Eventide’s signature stereo or mono pitch+delay effects:
o Diatonic
o PitchFlex™
o Quadravox™
o Octaver™
o HarModulator™
o Crystals™
o MicroPitch
o HarPeggiator™
o H910 / H949
o Synthonizer™
* Up to 4 voices of diatonic pitch shifting and up to 1.5 seconds of stereo delay
* Studio quality sound
* Guitar or bass compatible
* Built-in Tuner
* Software upgradeable via USB 2.0
* MIDI control via USB or MIDI in, out/thru
* Instant program change
* Real-time control with 10 knobs, MIDI, or expression pedal
* Tap tempo and MIDI clock sync
* 100 factory presets, unlimited through MIDI
* True analog bypass
* Rugged cast metal construction
* Reliable metal footswitches for instant preset access
* Mono or stereo operation
* Guitar or line level inputs and outputs

As you can see, there is no shortage of features. I especially noticed how rugged this stompbox was made. Very heavy and sturdy with nice big toggle switches. I tend to get a little excited sometimes while playing live which sometimes causes me to stomp a little hard on a pedal – I thinkn this one can take a lot of heavy stomps with no issues.

At first glance, this pedal looks a little intimidating with all the knobs, three switches, 1/4″ jacks and midi jacks. I can tell that there might be a bit of a learning curve in order to get the most out of this thing but I am up for the challenge. Luckily, Eventide has everything well laid out and labeled on the pedal itself so that learning to use this thing will be that much easier. They also included a couple cardboard quick reference cards which chart out different settings to make things that much easier.

Over the next couple weeks, I am going to play with the PitchFactor and will report back on my findings and let you all know how much I like it. Stay tuned in a couple weeks!

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