Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress XO Review

In this Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress XO review, learn what makes the pedal so special. The pedal has survived decades while offering musicians an effect that features richness, unique filter matrix and resonant flanging. Notably, the first Mistress got to the market in 1976. Two years later, it became a descendant of the original pedal.

Beside the die-cast package, the other captivating features of this kind of a pedal include:

Bypass Switching

A Mistress XO user never worries about the integrity of the signal path once the effects switch off. The pedal has a bypass switching that keeps the integrity of the signal at its maximum level. The pedal delivers uninterrupted guitar beats, and it closes the gap that is between the time that the effects are off and the time when the effects apply.


For the lovers of the tone of the old Mistress version, there is nothing to be disappointed about with this new one. A simple comparison yields no difference between the tones of the two versions.

LED Indicator

The user of the pedal does not have to strain in order to listen to the effects f the pedal. All one needs to do is to observe the LED indicators.

Lit LED indicators denote the application of the effects when the guitar plays. If the indicators are off, then it means that the pedal is functioning without the effects. It is just a matter of observing the indicators and applying the effects when necessary.

Analog pedal

The Mistress XO has an analog pedal that is venerable. It is an enhancement that makes the pedal to fit well in a modern pedal board. This is an adaptive characteristic that makes the pedal to become user friendly. It shows that regardless of the decades of being existent, this pedal still fits in modernized music-making activities.


This pedal featured a futuristic power capability during its birth. Its circuit does not require any enhancements in order to accommodate the current power requirements. At the moment, the pedal uses an inbuilt standard power supply, EHX9.6-200mA, or a battery of 9Volts. Music goes on regardless of a power failure due to the power options that the pedal features. Notably, the older version of the pedal used a 24 Volt power that was not compatible with pedal boards.

Other Features

The pedal does not exhibit a conglomerate of complex features. Besides the one that the review mentioned earlier, the pedal also has a mono input that is single and a pair of output jacks. One pair of the jacks serves to flange out and the other to dry out.

The pedal also features a mini-toggle that engages the filter matrix. Notably the rate and the range of the pedal have remained in their original form, but they have stood the test of time since their performance has remained high.


The high performance of the Mistress XO pedal outwits its small size. The pedal measures 4.0 W x 4.75 L x 2.25 H in Inches. It is absolute that perfect things come in small packages. The size of the pedal makes it quite portable, and it reduces the baggage that comes with making music. The small size of the pedal depicts a high performance capacity packed in a small package. The pedal concentrates delivering quality that music requires.