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Some Easy Guitar Songs To Learn

By on February 23, 2010

If you are just getting into guitar, you may find that a lot of the songs that you are trying to learn may be a bit over your own head.  Don’t fear, you’ll eventually get to the point when you can play your favorite song.  Just got to practice more and put more time in it.  You need to concentrate first on easy guitar songs to learn first and then work up from there.

What are some of the easiest songs out there that you can probably teach yourself with the help of the internet – take a look at this Jamplay vs Guitar tricks page.  Well, here is a list of excellent suggestions on some other sites out there that have made lists of these songs just for people like you!

So with these four links, there should be way more than enough to keep you busy learning for a long while.  Don’t get frustrated and keep working at it and you will be playing them all in next to no time!

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  2. I’ve been learning a whole lot of covers lately. These sites had a ton of great songs! Thanks for all the links.
    I really like the site I’ve found tabs and chords for almost every song I searched! You should check it out. It’s updated frequently enough that even recent albums are on there!


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