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Choosing A 2×12 Cab Versus A 4×12 Cab

By on June 9, 2010

I like to check out all the different guitar related forums and see what kinds of questions that people are asking on there and offer my input. One question that I saw recently was a person asking for reasons for choosing different sized guitar speak cabinets. Either a 212 or a 412 speaker cabinet. Instead of answering on the forum, I thought that it would probably make a good post as well.

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First off, the choice between 2 or 4 speakers depends on a lot. How much are you willing to carry around? How much room does your car or band van have? What kind of music are you playing? How big are the venues you play at? What head are you going to pair with the cabinet?

So many questions….

Let’s talk about sound first. A 412 is going to give you a lot better bass response, have an obviously “bigger” sound. Four speakers will push a lot more air and volume than a 2 speaker set up.

Next is transportation. Do you have the room in your vehicle for your 412 cabinet? Don’t do what I did, which was buy a new head and 412 cab only to find that the cab will not fit in the trunk of my car! It can fit on the back seat but it is really awkward to get in and out.

The venues you play at can make a difference in what you choose but remember that most times you can also mic your amp. If you can mic your amps at the venues that you play at, my advice would be to go for a 112 combo amp. Sure, it does not look as cool as a huge stack but your back will thank you later!

Finally, what amp head are you using? It would definitely be a good idea to take your head out and try out a number of different cabinets of all different sizes. You might be surprised on how different it sounds through different cabinets.

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