Earthquaker Hoof Fuzz Review

Are you thinking about buying a fuzz pedal for your guitar? If your answer is yes, you ought to invest in a top rated brand that offers quality effects pedals. Although you will find a range of pedals to meet the needs of guitarists, choosing the right pedal is paramount to creating effective and unique sounds. It is here the Earthquaker Hoof Fuzz comes in handy to help out. Read the below review to find out why you may need to buy this pedal.

Overview and build

The Hoof Fuzz is a silicon/germanium hybrid fuzz based on the character of the classical green Russian muff. The pedal is capable of producing everything from organic and dirty overdrive to aggressive fuzz madness. It features a natural, smooth harmonically sustain, which is less associated with muff style fuzzes. The Hoof has more in common with an amplifier that is overdriven.

The earthquaker fuzz has real distinctiveness and clarity that offer a controlled and tight signal, which is sure to be heard through the mix. The secret and main weapon of the Hoof is the shift control. It changes and modifies the frequency response of the tone and fuzz sound control, mainly on the treble side. However, it is able to diminish any muddy sound on the bass side as well.

You can scoop the mids or perhaps boost them; various tonal shaping options are available. The fuzz pedal has become the main effects pedal for a number of popular artists who perform on the stage or in studios. It is an amazing analog, true bypass and a must have pedal for amateur as well as professional guitarists.


The Hoof Fuzz is nested in a rugged MXR sized box featuring a LED and true bypass switching. You can operate the pedal with a Boss-style adaptor or 9V battery. Like other earthquaker pedals, the model is crafted by hand with top quality components. The Hoof has lots of saturated, smooth gain. However, it is also capable of creating some warm and nice overdrive tones, especially when combined with low output single coils (vintage style) and a little roll off on the guitar volume.

It is also slightly lighter on lower frequencies, and this helps in keeping the tone focused and clean. The dynamic response of the fuzz and level are the most striking features of the Hoof. If you set the level for a mild boost with the fuzz fully maxed, you will get a super smooth tube-like distortion with rich sustain.

In this setting, the Hoof also gets a bit more compressed. This makes it a perfect fit for bedroom volume levels and smaller setups. As opposed to most muffs and fuzzes that get thin and harsh on low volume levels, the Hoof generates high fuzz tones while staying silky smooth.

The Hoof Fuzz blends the best of varied circuits and eras. Whether you are looking for warm, screaming fuzz or a more contemporary, smooth sustain, the Hoof will deliver. Priced modestly, the unit is an ideal choice for any guitar enthusiast for creating innovative fuzz sounds.

Concluding words

Buying an effects pedal is not a chore, but choosing the best pedal is certainly not an easy task. You need to take into account a host of factors including the kind of guitar you use as well as the sounds you would like to create. If fuzz sounds are your choice, then go for the earthquaker Hoof Fuzz. With amazing features, this fuzz pedal is the best choice for generating newer and innovative fuzz tones. Just take a look at the above review, and you could be able to make the right decision about choosing this fantastic pedal.