Best Fuzz Pedal For Strat – Dunlop JDF2 Fuzz Face Review

Are you looking for the best effects pedal for your electric guitar, especially a Strat? If yes, you may need to invest in a quality Fuzz Face. A Fuzz Face is an effects pedal mainly used by bass players and electric guitarists. It is actually a stomp-box meant to generate a distorted sound from an electric guitar, a sound called Fuzz, which was accidentally discovered through damaged speakers or broken electric components. However, you ought to buy the best Fuzz Face such as the Dunlop JDF2 Fuzz Face to make the most out of the pedal. The following review will detail you why this pedal is an ideal choice for electric guitars.

Overview and build

The JDF2 is a replica of the original arbiter Fuzz Face used mainly in the 60s and 70s, immortalized by Hendrix on his recordings and live shows. The Fuzz Face distortion nests among the icons in the stomp-box. Its ability to add harmonic richness and clean tones at lower settings is as fulfilling as the full-on roar it delivers while raging.

Dunlop is a well known brand for offering top quality guitar pedals that last longer, and the JDF2 is another robust addition to the range of Dunlop effects pedals. Whether you play guitar once in a while or are a professional guitarist performing daily stage shows, the JDF2 is meant to serve you longer. With its fine body in a sleek design, the model is something anyone would love to have in his guitar.

As far as longevity is concerned, the unit is built for heavy duty usage. With little care, you can enjoy the companionship of the pedal for years. Additionally, you don’t need to do much labor on cleaning and maintenance of the pedal.


The JDF2 is constructed to vintage specifications. It features the original PNP translator design for creating rich, creamy fuzz sounds. With a roster of power users including modern heroes and guitar legends, the JDF2 has a unique, unmatched sound no matter the player. The construction of the unit is rugged to make it look original like the Dallas arbiter Fuzz Face.

You can play and create fuzz sounds with the help of the footswitch. Powering the unit is simple; you can use a 9V battery to power the pedal with no issue. The Dunlop JDF2 will take you to the stone from the sun in a purple haze and produce massive fuzz tones from the skies. If you want a brilliant fuzz tone that will bring back the 1960 era to your ear, then the JDF2 is the right choice.

When it comes to pricing, Dunlop’s products are priced in the medium range. They are neither too pricey, nor too cheap. This holds true even in the case of the JDF2 pedal. In exchange for a reasonable price, you can have this effective pedal for creating fuzz sounds that will take your music creation tenure to a new level. Best of all, the unit is designed by a company that has been trusted by guitarists for years.

Closing thoughts

Choosing an ideal effects pedal is important to creating some of the best sound effects, and this is more so if you are using an electric guitar. Without the right pedal, you might not get the right rhythm to draw your audience. If you are unsure about selecting an ideal effects pedal for your electric guitar, thing about investing in the Dunlop JDF2 Fuzz Face. In return for a modest investment, you will have a Fuzz Face to generate some of the best fuzz sounds ever created.