Do You Know All The Parts Of An Electric Guitar?

When you are first starting out as a new guitar player, I would hope that you would take a little bit of time studying the parts of a guitar diagram, like the one below.

photo by: Dominic's pics

What is The Best Guitar Tone To You?

There are so many different combinations of guitars, amps, effects, strings, techniques and everything else in between that imapcts the final tone that comes out of your guitar and amp.

photo by: Dani_vr

Learning Guitar Theory For Beginners

Probably going to get some groans for this post. I know a lot of players that really don’t know a whole lot of theory behind the music and they are still good players. However, my opinion is that you really should at least know some of the theory behind making the music on your guitar.

photo by: Dan Zen

How Well Do You Know Your Guitar Tone Control Knob?

A lot of guitarists seem to ignore one of what i think to be one of the most important features on their guitars – the tone knob. The number if different tones you can get from just one guitar simply by tweaking the guitar tone control is quite astounding!

photo by: Rhys Asplundh

Learning From Beginner Guitar Song Tabs

Back when I was teaching guitar, I always tried to incorporate songs into the guitar lessons in order to not only keep things interesting but also bring some familiarity into a new guitar player’s learning so they recognize what they are playing.  Kind of brings a sense of accomplishment itself when they are just starting.

These should keep you busy for awhile!

photo by: lucas