Best Boutique Fuzz Pedal – Catalinbread Karma Suture Harmonic Review

The Catalinbread Karma Suture Harmonic Fuzz line is a clone inspired by the very rare and coveted Interfax Harmonic Percolator, made unique by the PNP germanium transistor and the NPN Silicon Transistor. To us, it is certainly one of the best boutique fuzz pedals.

These two transistors control the even and odd ordered harmonics and create the rich sounds. The company expanded this unit by adding density and diode control specific to this product line. Nicholas Harris founded Catalinbread in 2003. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the websites say their products are built by guitar freaks. Nicholas Harris passed in 2016, but the company stills grow.

The Catalinbread Karma Suture has similar specs as the NOS Geranium a PNP transistor, a silicon NPN transistor, two germanium and silicon diodes, a standard 9V DC center negative power supply for your pedals make up this unit. They have increased the gain, the output, and the brightness with these two silicon transistors. The density control can make a thick fuzz tone, or by adjusting it a harmonically rich overdrive. This control is the key to finding your sweet spot. The diodes control sets the distortion and compression, it allows you to set the threshold by clipping or unclipping the circuit. The Input knob sets the amount of guitar signal sent to the generator. Lastly, the Output controls the volume level.

The Fuzz mode is the maximum setting giving you the fuzziest sounds. If you turn the guitar volume back it will clean up the tone. The settings for this are diodes 5:00, density 5:00, input 5:00, and output 2:00. Tight overdrive mode might be the rock sound you are looking for, these settings are diodes 5:00, density 10:00, input 12:00, output 3:00. The Fuzz unit should be put toward the front of your signal chain, to get the quality of tone your music deserves.  Only true bypass pedals should be put in front of it. The Karma Suture works with passive, humbucking and down-tuned guitars.

The Harmonic Fuzz generates even-order harmonic distortion, that gives tone clarity on even the high settings. It is fuzz, overdrive and distortion wrapped all in one package. Artists try an effects pedal because of its sound. This unit brings that to the extreme. It is a low-gain overdrive effects pedal, bringing the harmonics in as an added bonus. The even-order harmonics will enhance any guitar set-up. It has a four-control pattern allowing you to dial up harmonically rich tones, that sound great coming out of clean or overdrive amps, it would be a good idea to change the products around to get the unique quality sound you are looking for in a dirt box. It also works well with vintage single coils and you will hear the clean crisp sounds from the lowest to the highest settings.

The Karma Suture is a durable machine. The color could be toned down. If you don’t like the color it does come in a limited bamboo edition, that is quite striking.  The price might be a bit steep for some musicians, but taking in the ability of the unit, the NOS and germanium components, the craftsmanship, it is worth the amount. No other brands can put out the quality tones, overdrive, distortion, and Fuzz this unit brings to the table. You can purchase the Catalinbread Karma Suture Harmonic Fuzz, directly from the company. They carry the Karma Suture (GE). Karma Suture (SI), and the limited-edition Karma Suture Bamboo. The price ranges from 160.00 to 170.00.  You can also purchase them at your local music store.