Best Cheap Fuzz Pedal Under 100 – Boss FZ-2 Review

The Boss FZ-2 pedal is extremely admired in the Stoner genre. The boss puts the heavy in heavy metals songs. The Boss FZ-2 is a three-knobbed fuzz pedal, or distortion pedal, with three different modes. Fuzz 1, Fuzz 2 and gain boost modes. It is considered very noisy in Fuzz 2 mode if you are using high gain settings. It was made in Taiwan, in production from 1993 to 1997. There were about 35,000 FZ pedals produced. It is recommended AC Adaptor from the PSA series. Carries a current draw of 16 MA (DC 9V). It has Input, Output and an AC adaptor connections. The FZ has a level, Tone, Gain, and a three-way mode switch controls. Boss. the manufacturer of this effects pedal is a division of the Roland Corporation. Roland specializes in musical equipment and accessories. The company originally headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan, moved to Taiwan in the 1990s.

It has a single 9V battery and a buffered bypass. The dimensions, 2.75″ x 4.9375″ x 2.1875″. The Fuzz 1 mode, is used for a booming sound, sounds like other pedals, but with a bit more vibration. The Gain Boost mode is a booster with a Fuzz vibration. The most amazing mode is Fuzz 2, it could make a fuzz sound like that of the 60s and 70 eras. It can also make sounds that put that Stoner music playing in the pits of heck. The FZ pedal can be used as a gain booster with no added distortion. The pedal works well with any of the guitars that you may play. It can give the single coil put out a fuller distortion sound. Although it is compact in size, the unit has two types of fuzz sounds a traditional sound and a contemporary sound. These three modes allows the user to create their own distinct music. It allows the musician to make the precise sound needed.

The overall opinion varies on these pedals. Many musicians of today consider them a “niche” sound. The musicians playing the old beach music sounds relish putting them in Fuzz 2 mode, giving you that warm feel good music. Then the hard-core Stoners like to raise the devil with the booms of their sounds. Jimi Hendrix was an expert using this machine, creating unique sounds that separated his music from the rest. Still, others state that for 90’s grunge metal this pedal is a must. Dopethrone, the iconic third album by the English doom metal band, Electric Wizard. The manipulation of the pedals making the guitar sound slow and extremely fuzzy. The sounds of this 2000 album made are widely known and the record company has released it twice since then.

Whatever your musical preferences this pedal is one to try. Many of the fuzz pedals are still in use today, by those who love the sounds it can create.  It is very well-made, durable and reliable as many of the units are still in working order. The company does advise to take the battery out if it is not going to be used often.  As it went out of production in the 90s, there are very few places to find them. The company has no plans to reproduce this model.t Also, the price has slowly been rising, since a new surge of interest is happening. You may find a few still for sale on the internet, or possibly your local pawn shop.