BOSS DS-2 Distortion Pedal Review

If people enjoyed the effect that the Boss DS 1 pedal offers, then they should brace themselves for a greater performance from the BOSS DS-2 Distortion Pedal. The latter pedal prides in producing a rougher distortion that is also more aggressive than what the legendary DS 1 offered. Not only does the DS-2 lean towards producing an amp stack sound, but it also moves away from the conventional toneless fuzz sound. Besides the second mode that enables the pedal to produce an extra aggressive sound, the DS-2 boasts of several quality features that include:

Turbo distortion

The DS-2 pedal features a twin turbo mode. This feature enables a user to get a mellow and warm distortion that has a response of flat frequency. This distortion accommodates other leading sounds, and it denotes the ability of the pedal to perform as a team player.

The second turbo distortion mode performs a leading role where it produces a biting distortion that has a mid-range boost. This feature makes the pedal to have leadership attribution that sets a pace for other accompaniments to follow. Playing a solo or chorus has never become this easy and compact. The pedal provides the two options under one roof, and one can play alternately, or one mode at a time using the pedal.

Remote Jack

If one needs to enhance the turbo effect, DS-2 is the pedal to use. The pedal features a remote jack that enables an enhancement of the turbo effect using an additional foot switch. What the jack does is to offer hands free mode switches.

Notably, it is possible to use both modes either interchangeably or in synchronizing. The Jack gives room for a foot switch that one can use to move from one mode to the other. This pedal defines flexibility that bends the sound from distorted earthly rock sounds to singing lead sounds.

The pedal denotes uninterrupted guitar playing session. One does not need to move hands from playing in order to adjust the turbo settings. A simple foot work is all one needs in order to switch to the mode that befits the moment.


The high performance of the pedal only consumes 12 MA. This is a friendly power level for such a great output. Additionally, the power features of the pedal enhance its portability. One can use a 9V battery that helps one to beat power outage, or use the pedal from any place.

The pedal can also use a 9V DC plugin power supply. A coaxial connector fits in so well during the plugin. This is also a low level power requirement that makes the pedal user friendly.

Size and Weight

The BOSS DS-2 Distortion Pedal beats all odds to stand as light and portable. One should expect a baggage pedal for a great performance, but a DS-2 does not have any characteristic of a baggage. The pedal measures 73 x 129 x 59 mm in its width, length and height. It also weighs 400g only. The pedal looks small and light, but it has a high effect that contrasts its physical appearance.


If one needs to listen to the performance of the DS-2 pedal, then Hot Chilli Peppers have it. In their Dani California, the solo and chorus of the pedal are conspicuous. Listening to the song proves the quality performance of the pedal, and one does not need any other authentication that validates the great performance of the pedal.

Frusciante did not shy away from using the DS-2 pedal with his pedal board. It shows that the pedal prides a widespread usage that great musicians really appreciate. Other users of the pedal are Yuck and Sonic Youth. With such an acceptance in the music world, one cannot hesitate to use a DS-2 pedal. Legendary musicians have used it before, and it is a sign that the pedal guarantees quality delivery.


From pop music to hard rock, a DS-2 pedal yields to the beats without any hesitance. It is a pedal that embraces adaptation to music. On rock music, the pedal can accommodate classic rock tones as well as the modern ones. The remote jack of the pedal stands as one of the most important features since it brings in the flexibility of moving from one genre or tone of music to the other.